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March 23, 2020

WH Plan For Week 24 (Mar 23 - Mar 29)

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This is basically a repost of last week's plan.

1. Monday 03/23

   1.1 Saltmines (6h)
   1.2 Daily Writing Exercise (Outline) (2.5h)
   1.3 Read perseus version of Aristotle's poetics(4h)

2. Tuesday 03/24

   2.1 Saltmines (6h)
   2.2 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish) (2.5h)
   2.3 Spanish Lesson (2h)

3. Wednesday 03/25

   3.1 Daily Writing Exercise - (Outline) (2.5h)
   3.2 Study virtual memory, with the goal of learning how to diagnose TheFleet memory management issue. (4h)
   3.3 Create a function for checking if a channel on a network has been successfully logged for 2 weeks. (4h)

4. Thursday 03/26

   4.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish) (2.5h)
   4.2 Publish logs for first batch of channels. (4h)
   4.3 Organize next batches of channels to log (4h)

5. Friday 03/27

   5.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Outline) (2.5h)
   5.2 Spanish Class (2h)
   5.3 Relevant work on TheFleet (6h)

6. Saturday 03/28

   6.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish) (1.5h)
   6.2 Plan and review for next week (4h)
   6.3 Read perseus version of Aristotle's poetics(4h)

7. Sunday 03/29

   7.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Outline) (1.5h)
   7.2 Open Slot / Makeups (5h)

WH Week 23 Review (Mar 16th - Mar 22nd)

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This week has so many compounded failures that there is not much to review. My mind and time was preoccupied with Catalonia.1 It's clear now that I've walked into her web. I will have to regain control of my schedule.

To stay positive I will mention some of the good things that came of this week. First off, Catalonia has been helpful for my Spanish. She speaks English well and that is the primary language we use to communicate. But we often go into bouts of Spanish that last a while, and she is helpful/patient with fixing my pronunciation. She also informed me that learning Spanish in Guanacaste is akin to learning English in Jamaica. I knew that the locals spoke a ghetto Spanish but this put the gravity of how bad the accent/slang is here into perspective.

I prepared for Armageddon by stocking up on non perishables. I could have done better by getting a fishing rod.2

  1. She has returned since her departure. []
  2. Another mistake I made was not buying alcohol; Costa Rica has now mandated that the country is dry - stores are not allow to sell booze. []

March 16, 2020

WH Plan for Week 23 (Mar 16th - Mar 22nd)

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1. Monday 03/16

   1.1 Saltmines (6h)
   1.2 Daily Writing Exercise (Outline Travel Article) (2.5h)
   1.3 Review logs (2h)

2. Tuesday 03/17

   2.1 Saltmines (6h)
   2.2 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish Travel Article) (2.5h)
   2.3 Spanish Lesson (2h)

3. Wednesday 03/18

   3.1 Daily Writing Exercise - (Outline) (2.5h)
   3.2 Study virtual memory, with the goal of learning how to diagnose TheFleet memory management issue. (4h)
   3.3 Publish logs for first batch of channels. (4h)

4. Thursday 03/19

    4.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish) (2.5h)
    4.2 Create a function for checking if a channel on a network has been successfully logged for 2 weeks. (4h)
    4.3 Organize next batches of channels to log (4h)

5. Friday 03/20

    5.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Outline) (2.5h)
    5.2 Spanish Class (2h)
    5.3 Message Panama Lawyers / Move around heathen money (1h)
    5.4 Open BAC account / Grocery Shopping (4h)

6. Saturday 03/21

    6.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish) (1.5h)
    6.2 Plan and review for next week (4h)
    6.3 Read perseus version of Aristotle's poetics(4h)

7. Sunday 03/22

    7.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Outline) (1.5h)
    7.2 Open Slot / Makeups (5h)

WH Week 21, 22 Review Mar 2nd - March 15th

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The past two weeks have been quite the trip. I came back from having a wonderful time with my long term friends in beautiful scenic parts of Costa Rica to find MP had decided to shut down tmsr. Truthfully I felt a sensation of relief. But when I try to put away the emotions and think about the situation, I know that a great resource has been lost and my life and others' will probably be worse for it.

Once my friends left I spent the next few days wooing a woman. While this was time consuming and sleep reducing, I could have at least squeezed in a travel article. MP's departure has made my hallucination of freedom stronger. It will take extra will power to get back on track.

Lastly, I fell behind on the logs. I have been skimming the conversations, which is always unacceptable but especially now given the gravity of what is being discussed.

March 2, 2020

WH Plan For Week 21 (March 2nd - March 8th)

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Between the three days I have before my friends come visit for a week, I have one day dedicated to saltmines, antoher to taking care of miscellaneous tasks, and the last to working on TheFleet.

1. Monday 03/02
    Saltmines (8h)
    Revise What-Makes-A-Good-Tragedy Outline (2.5h)
    Outline an article that is based on a personal experience (2.5h)
    Plan full day trip for the next day.

2. Tuesday 03/03

   2.1 Full day trip to take care of various tasks: (print businesses cards, get a haircut, get a pair of backup reading glasses, get a new surfboard fin key, find and take some clothes to a dry cleaner, make an appointment with a doctor, open bank account with another CR bank (BAC), buy jumper cables + get the car washed, put gas in car, go grocery shopping, withdraw cash from atm)
   2.2 Daily Writing Exercise - Publish What-Makes-A-Good-Tragedy Article(2.5h)
   2.2 Publish Article on Personal Experience (2.5h)

3. Wednesday 03/04

    3.1 Investigate memory issue with TheFleet. Restart dead fleet regardless of results (8h)
    3.2 Pick up friends from airport in the evening.

03/05 => 03/11
    Entertain two friends visiting from the states / Paris. We are going to visit the nearby beaches, and then go see Arenal / La Fortuna. I will try to find time to get some writing or reading done while they are here, otherwise I will be away from my terminal most of the time.

WH Review of Week 20 (Feb 24th - March 1st)

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I do not have much output to review. Between derpage, dealing with the mechanic, and saltmines,1 I had little time left over to publish on my blog / do tmsr work. I only produced a few reviewed outlines and two small paragraphs for ztkfg. I also read through 2/3 of Butcher's translation of Aristotle's Poetics2 while taking notes. I will finish reading Poetics by tonight and get started on writing a What Makes For a Good Tragedy article.

The failure from last weeks plan is:

2.5 missed articles
Missing plan / action towards making a mirror of
Missing solution to thefleet crashing

I read dorion's review and your suggested end of day questions. I understand that these are meant to be done daily, but for this week's review I've put my general thoughts each question evoked below.

1. What did I spend my time on? (ie you'll need there to end up with some timings listed so yeah, you'll have to track time too as a prerequisite, which is as it should be)

- This reminds me I need to install jfw's clock tool or something similar. I had this as a task before but ran into a problem with a dependency or something and did not complete it. I've created a folder ~/timesheet with its first file 1_3_20.txt where I will start filling out w/ time windows and what I did during them. I'll do this manually until I have an automated tool for it.

2. Where did I ask smart questions? Where could/should I have asked *more* questions?

- A problem that comes to mind is I still depend on search engines for answers to questions despite having published articles about how search engines are misleading. Truthfully, I don't believe that search engines are completely useless. For questions such as : where is this restaurant? I think Google maps is one of the better places to find an answer.3 I also think Google is at least *okay* at being used as a grep on sites (i.e. "a compendium of basic points" ..) So my first question is: is there a place at all for using search engines?

3. Where did I deliver on my word and where did I fail to deliver? What did I do to mitigate the fail and what do I need to do + who do I need to talk to tomorrow to sort the fail(s) out?

- The first thought that came to mind when I read this was I've been so inconsistent that until I solve problems with my work process the scope of promises I can make is quite small. I.e. to mitigate failing on keeping my word, I need to achieve a higher level of productivity.

4. What are the priorities for tomorrow? (those should include whatever you got from 3 above, as *first priorities* and then what comes from looking at the plan and at what you did + where you are).

- I discussed this issue with you a week ago about not even looking at my schedule for the day and trying instead to go off of memory. I will make a point to review the schedule for the next day the previous night.

5. How can I better use my available resources ?

I have a laptop with a fresh gentoo lying around. It doesn't have enough space to be a trb node but perhaps I can purpose it for something.

6. What should I do *differently* for better results tomorrow?

Since my biggest derpage yesterday was wasting brain cycles messaging a lady I have turned off my phone4 and placed it in a different room along with my tolietbox until I get my tasks done for the day.

  1. Really, saltmines and mechanic fall into the derpage category. []
  2. The 90% of it that is still left on mit classics, that is. []
  3. I recall an article on trilema about how google maps had a bunch of outdated information . I don't think I've personally experienced the problem of Maps having stale data. []
  4. Fwiw, I don't actually message with my phone's interface, the messages get routed to the whatsapp app on my tolietbox []

February 24, 2020

WH Plan For Week 20 (Feb 24th - Mar 1st)

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This week I need to focus 4 days on saltmines work during prime hours. I have been consistently only working reduced evening hours on saltmines and so have fallen a bit behind.

I bumped the 1.5h allocated time for writing to 2.5h. I usually spend closer to 2.5 hours writing anyways, and since I will be working in the evening the process will take more time.

Note: I have meatwot friends visiting from March 4th-March 12th. During that time I will have very limited/no availability for tmsr work.

1. Monday 02/24

   1.1 Take care to the mechanic (3h)
   1.2 Saltmines (6h)
   1.3 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish Day) (2.5h)

2. Tuesday 02/25

   2.1 Saltmines (8h)
   2.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Prepare Day) (2.5h)

3. Wednesday 02/26

    3.1 Saltmines (8h)
    3.2 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish Day) (2.5h)

4. Thursday 02/27

    4.1 Saltmines (8h)
    4.2 Daily Writing Exercise (Prepare Day) (2.5h)

5. Friday 02/28

    5.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish Day) (2.5h)
    5.2 Write and publish a plan to mirror (5hr)
    5.3 Create a function for checking if a channel on a network has been successfully logged for 2 weeks. (5h) Diagnose bot that crashed. (5h)

6. Saturday 02/29

    6.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Prepare Day) (1.5h)
    6.2 Plan and review for next week (4h)
    6.3 Work on publishing mirror of (4h) Grocery shopping / trip to Santa Cruz (4h)

7. Sunday 03/01

    7.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish Day) (1.5h)
    7.2 Open Slot / Makeups (5h)

WH Review of Week 19 (Feb 17th - Feb 23rd)

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The best thing that happened to me this week was the car breaking down. The realization of the cost of my stupidity was a motivational wakeup call. I thought of a footnote from a trilema article:

Same thing with people : "unde-i multa minte si prostie destula" quite literally means that people, irrespective of how tall, fat or intelligent, are nevertheless homeostatic, systems in equilibrium. An intelligent fellow will, voluntarily if disavowedly, balance himself out with stupidity. If he's ten pounds intelligent he'll find in the environment ten pounds' worth of stupid, and go about like that, at the same pace as another, one pound intelligent, who therefore has the smarts (involuntary, he just can't drag more around) to only carry one pound stupid, and also at the same pace as another, ten thousand tons' intelligent, who's decked himself in a small cruiser and goes about thusly. Among humans, the conservation of pace's the foremost concern (a problem aggravated by an overvocal female herd, but not created by them). I, on the other hand, am not particularly intelligent -- I'm just very systematicaly dedicated to not being stupid. A ten gram's intelligence saddled with merely a gram's stupidity will (unsurprisingly) blow out of the water a ten ton's intelligence saddled with a battleship.

Be less stupid. I'm not even fucking kidding here.

Overcoming past problems (for example, spinning for hours before writing) has afforded me more time to be stupid. This past week I returned/created some bad habits such as: waking up late, eating unhealthy, playing the guitar and surfing as avoidance behavior, and doing subpar saltmines work.

At various times during the week I was making decisions that were against my better judgement. I knew when the fatlogic was taking hold but I still let it let play its tricks. I had the contiuous "this is the last time I make this stupid decision before I fix the problem for good" mindset.

Being more aware of my stupidity as I engage in it has brought a sense of guilt and worthlessness that I am struggling against. That sense of worthlessness my stupidity fosters is debilitating and I can see that if it's not stopped in its tracks I will quickly spiral back down to ~my weed addiction state.

On the bright side this problem is within my ability to solve. I don't have to move a mountain or anything, I only need to change my mindset.1

And in good news, I recovered from my bad sleeping schedule and woke up at 7:50AM today. I did this by reading Candide before going to bed (I've now finished the book.) I have found bliss in taking the time to learn new topics/fix misunderstandings instead of answering one-off questions. TheFleet has been humming along nicely, it has logged over 1.5million lines and has done some successful reconnects.2

  1. Maybe moving the mountain is easier. []
  2. It has disconnected from 4 of the 100 original networks it was logging on the first day. []

February 17, 2020

WH Plan For Week 19 (Feb 17th - Feb 23rd)

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This week I'm dedicating the time I previously set for "computer setup" to handle the misc tasks in my life that have fallen to the wayside.

Brainstorm for future ways to get cash / what to do with my saltmine hours:

a) Look through Stuyvesant and MIT alumni portals for freelance work. Scrape various heathen lists for jobs. Email personal contacts. Update resume.
b) Live off accumulated cash and dedicate more time to tmsr / other work.
c) Live off accumulated cash, and dedicate a few hours a week to tutoring high school students in math over Skype1
d) Live off accumulated cash and find a local job (such as a bartender) that gives me lots of opportunities to meet people and speak in Spanish.
e) Look for full time job in a LATAM city.

List of some misc tasks (copied/updated from last week):
1. Figure out how to connect my new machine to the backup internet provided by my cellphone.2
2. Create a proper food shopping list, with a list of ingredients for different (more complex) dinners.
3. Make a mirror of the republican wot
4. Search through local bitcoin meetups for people who do business in otc.
5. Make a box for storing phone while working / people are over. This box, while practical, will be made for symbolic reasons. It will be near an outlet and contain plugs so myself and guests can charge their phone when they place it in the box. A bonus feature is to make it sound proof so the mic cannot pick up anything while the box is closed.
6. Discuss hot water options with my landlord.
7. Call BAC to see what information they need from me to open a bank account.
8. Look into Panama residency.
9. Look for more saltmines work.3
10. Plan trip to Europe during rainy season.
11. Publish my how/what/why of V article.
12. Write my own V.
13. Remove DNS already.
14. Start syncing a copy of the blockchain on my new comp. (I need to disable the stupid lights on the comp so I can leave it on at night.)

1. Monday 02/17

   1.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish Day) (1.5h)
   1.2 Handle misc tasks (Attempt to connect comp via tether, find 3 recipes that I like and make a shopping list for ingredients, scrape heathen search for bitcoin meetups in Guanacaste) (2h)
   1.3 Saltmines (8h)

2. Tuesday 02/18

   2.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Prepare Day) (1.5h)
   2.2 Handle misc tasks (Discuss hot water with landlord, call BAC, look into Panama residency)
   2.3 Saltmines (8h)

3. Wednesday 02/19

    3.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish Day) (1.5h)
    3.2 TheFleet - Prepare for launch, test new version with small subset of networks. Test reconnect ability specifically. (4h)
    3.3 Saltmines (4h)

4. Thursday 02/20

    4.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Prepare Day) (1.5h)
    4.2 TheFleet - Fix any problems found in yesterday's test run and then release (10hr)

5. Friday 02/21

    5.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish Day) (1.5h)
    5.2 Either work on TheFleet if there are any problems, or begin writing my own V (10hr)

6. Saturday 02/22

    6.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Prepare Day) (1.5h)
    6.2 Plan and review for next week (4h)
    6.3 Take care of miscellaneous open tasks (4hr 45min)

7. Sunday 02/23

    7.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish Day) (1.5h)
    7.2 Open Slot / Makeups (5h)
    7.3 Reading time - Aristotle's Poetics

  1. I had a short stint as a tutor in NYC. []
  2. I may be able to connect the phone to my computer via a USB and tether that way. []
  3. Email possible leads from Stuyvesant and MIT connections. And look at companies that offer remote jobs. []

WH Review Of Week 18 (Feb 10th - Feb 16th)

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I've enjoyed writing the new EOD reports. The benefit of listing something good for the day is it makes me think throughout the day: what can I do to gain a small victory that I would not have done otherwise.

A list of summaries of the advice I gave to myself:

1. Turn off heathen comms in the morning.
2. Learn command line tools while working in saltmines.
3. Keep updated TODO list in plan for the week (I did a poor job of this.)
4. Dedicate 15 mins to miscellaneous tasks.
5. Correctly write what needs to be done for a task (wrong: Fix AC right: Schedule AC Appointment)
6. Create a list of options for next potential jobs / ways to get cash.
7. Use tired time to snipe a few easy tasks rather than fumbling on a hard one or doing nothing.
8. Constantly make permanent fixes while using new comp.
9. Use republican tools (and sign them!)
10. Do not use computer before going to sleep - read some Aristotle instead.
11. Focus again on proper outlining. Research a topic and make sure that I have the right perspective I want to take before I commit to putting my thoughts into words. (Not from an EOD report, but an important piece of advice.)
12. Carefully choose words while writing, watch out for accidental use of homophones.
13. Review plan for day in the morning.

Although planned, I did not get to writing a command to see what channels TheFleet is currently connected to. This feature should not be too complicated now that I am running the bots in one sbcl process. I should be able to start the program within the slime repl in a tmux session. So to view the state of my program (including what channels I'm connected to) I can just ssh back into my VM and reattach to the session. I managed to squeeze in this task today.

I did not complete the task of writing a script / curl command that uploads a file into a wordpress draft. This may be worth continuing because others may want this script as well.

This week I was in a much better mood than last week although that may be in part because I spent more hours hedonistically. The car gives a lot more freedom, which feels great but opens up more opportunities to waste time. Also, the waves were excellent the past few days and I put in roughly 15 hours surfing. I need to be cautious to not let my realized higher comfort level lead to derealization.

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