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January 29, 2020

JFW review, week of Jan 20 2019

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Last week I finally got started on my #trilema backlog, working through nine days of log in three of reading, with an article published for each of the three. The plan, though, was to do some every day and be finished by now. The summarizing was rough on the first try, focusing too closely then not making it through even after overflowing the target time, but picked up after my Master's advice to take it easier and work more from memory.

A Monday article completing the draft gbw-node series brought the total publication count to four, leaving Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday dry. The trouble Wednesday was not having thought through the photo blogging enough to plan time to sort through the stack. (This was the case too for my earlier photo articles, just less noticeable as the stacks were smaller.) So the vacation article has had to wait.

Tuesday was a low point in productivity at least relative to plan, as I got none of the intended tasks done. Instead there was a fair amount of reading, some chat and blog comments, 0.75 hours explicitly noted as stupidity worship, and an early bedtime. Perhaps I needed a break, but from what I'm not certain; perhaps the heavier writing of the four prior days.

The wallet work, which my Master had figured should be the top priority, also suffered, getting only four hours of the planned 10, between Monday and Wednesday. Within that time though it moved well.

I was a better friend to my journal than weeks before, writing five entries.

I figured I'd have to set myself up properly to get the two reviews done, but come Saturday the schedule was looking tight. I almost passed on an invite for pizza and drinks at a new pub that evening, but once I got my article out I figured I'd go, just keep it brief and get the first review in before bed. But the conversations started to get interesting, and while I didn't stay terribly late, the "brief" didn't end up quite brief enough. On Sunday morning I scrutinized my time log from earlier Saturday, wondering why I'd started the "actual work" so late, even accounting for a grocery run. The main thing I found was unplanned time spent on current #t log reading and processing (MP had given detailed responses to Robinson and me). Since that surely could have waited a day or two, I suppose my root problem is still a lack of firmly reserved minimum time blocks for the critical tasks. Then that pattern basically repeated on Sunday, to where I ended up hoping to somehow squeeze both reviews in. The week provided plenty of reminders that time doesn't just appear "later" because you'd like it to.

Some selections from the log:

jfw: I find I was not very productive yesterday. While I got a fair amount of reading in, I believe I used this in part as avoidance of getting started on writing; then there was stupidity worshipping in the same vein; and snowballing by not wanting to admit failure there thus not getting to other priorities either.
diana_coman: jfw: heh, one way to make all that avoidance work for you is to set it up explicitly (need to do task A you hate? cool, set up task B that you hate even more!)
jfw: - I have my doubts but maybe I'll try it some time.
diana_coman: - what doubts exactly? spell them out, maybe there is something to them or maybe it highlights a different trouble.
jfw: diana_coman: trying to spell out that doubt then - I would not be "fooled" by setting up task B: I'd know it's a ploy to make task A seem more attractive by comparison; or if I did see B as truly urgent, I'd end up all the more glum for having both on the plate but not touch A because B was more important.
diana_coman: jfw: hm, you don't seem to quite get the idea though: it's not even meant to "fool", no, and it's not about more important either.
diana_coman: - to flesh this out some more: dragging your feet on getting started on something is still a signal (others call it at times laziness, plenty of ways to call it too)
diana_coman: if you interpreted that as simply "I hate what I need to do for this"
diana_coman: rather than "I need to sort out something else first in order to be able to start on this"
diana_coman: then the answer to that is a straightforward escalation without any pretense
diana_coman: perceptions/projections of the sort "I don't like it" are relative, there's no escape to that part
diana_coman: hence the if you don't like that, here's worse so that you'll like it
diana_coman: it is true however that the above will work *only* if you interpreted the signal correctly in the first place
diana_coman: so indeed if you got that initial part wrong, then the problem is different and therefore the solution to it will be different too
diana_coman: jfw: hence, it's worth indeed to have first another open minded look at the signal, sure; so - what is it you got stuck on?
diana_coman: (re "ploy" and all that, note that there's no fooling, just using the existing mechanism quite on purpose; if you want a practical example of that, do that simple experiment with temperature: get some water at room temperature, some hotter and some colder; keep for a while one hand in the cold water, one in the hotter; then put both (one at a time for less confusing direct reading) in the room temperature water and see how one ...
diana_coman: ... reports it "cold" and the other "warm" - while you even know why and how and everything, did the hands get "fooled" or not? the perception is what it is and gets reported as such regardless of what higher-level thinking says)
diana_coman: the above could be again restated as the older "get over yourself", sure, but I think it's way better to get *on with* yourself simply.

dorion: - part of his strong arm is seeing negatives/mitigating risks - doesn't mean he hasn't helped me see positives where I was focusing on negatives - but sometimes he expects from his weak arm feats his strong arm can do.
diana_coman: - linked at the root with not being all that comfortable with handling uncertainty

diana_coman: jfw: did you count in there the fact that "trying to do all those" is currently yet-another-something-new and therefore a *task* in itself that you are taking on?
jfw: hah, I suppose not

diana_coman: jfw: btw, from the sounds of it, what makes you avoid/postpone/drag your feet there is not perceived difficulty but outright perfectionism getting in the way.

jfw: diana_coman: I was pleased with the improvement in the article quality dimension, unfortunately the time wastage did not improve. I find I engaged in various other chats first, which surely could have waited a bit longer, then once started I let it drag on about 3 hours. I recall this being mostly pondering & obsessing & some re-reading & outlining at first, then once I got moving it wasn't so bad.
jfw: This then came at the expense of the wallet work time.
diana_coman: jfw: yeah, you need to learn to just get moving; time for pondering is when you go for a walk/set aside time specifically/can't do anything else anyway, that sort of thing but not when you should just start on something; takes some practice though, like everything else.

January 27, 2020

JFW plan, week of Jan 27 2020

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1. Upcoming

I will have three talks to give on Feb. 12-14: first for the Junto on Relational Database Management (pushed back from this week), and two for a private conference being put on by our clients, my tentative topics "There ain't no such thing as a free block" and "Low-tech entropy and everyday digital hygiene". The last of those will be based on one I've done before but all will require preparation over the coming 2.5 weeks.

2. Required tasks

1. Last week's missed review: 3h, deadline Tuesday

2. #trilema catchup: 2h daily

3. Blogging: .5h planning (when needed, doesn't seem so for the log summaries) + 1.5h writing daily (possible topics: continuing #t log summaries; trip photos; thoughts on family)

4. gbw signer development: 4h, aiming for Monday

5. Preparing for talks: 6h

6. Forum interaction + misc. reading: 1-2h/day

7. Weekly review + plan: 4h, deadline 4pm local / 9pm UTC Saturday (because otherwise it just doesn't seem to move!)

8. End-of-day journal: .5h/day

3. Other

Sleep schedule has not improved as much as desired. What worked last time was writing out a schedule of bedtimes + corresponding target waking and meal times so I'd stay on track; I'll try doing that again.

JFW review, week of Dec 16 2019

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That's right: in this review I'll be reaching all the way back to the misty, primordial ages of 2019 to fill in a missing link in the chain of reflections.

I published two Fixpoint articles, beginning my series presenting code, commentary and rationale for my draft Gales Bitcoin Wallet, covering the SQL schema Monday and starting on the Python data-wrangling part Tuesday. I took the opportunity to ingest the entire documentation of both languages into the Fixpoint reference library to head off the expected upstream decay. MP heartily endorsed the point about the advantage of a relational database for decoupling program and data and offered initial thoughts on the SQLite choice.

These articles ate up a whopping 5.9 and 8 hours each, compared to the budgeted ~2h daily, which certainly upset the remaining schedule. It doesn't look like I communicated much about this as it was unfolding. Another problem with the plan was just being too packed; extrapolating the hours even just to five days would give a 57-hour work week.

Dropped items from the plan were #2 (Uruguay expense roundup, which I completed on the trip), arguably #6 (forum reading and interaction: I got in a good amount but probably not 3h/day), #7 (weekly review and next plan), a Wednesday article, and #9 (offline wallet dev). I also didn't get much (any?) sleep Wednesday night prior to Thursday morning departure, but was able to make up a bit on the plane.

Packing fit a bit under the planned 3 hours and I didn't miss anything so I figure that was fine. I got my #trilema responses out, though not by my own Monday deadline. The keksum re-genesis was fine though without a minute to spare to notice the damage to the article title.

Tuesday Diana Coman asked how I was planning to handle the work to holiday transition, outlining the three options. I took some time to record the wallet work in-flight; combined with the several existing spec and planning articles I didn't have much trouble picking it back up in January. (More trouble on that front seems to have been with my writing and planning and generally getting back into a work mode.) She also called out my repeated not-quite-asked-questions, something I believe I've since kept well in mind and improved at including in conversations with others. On Wednesday I had some seriously optimistic ideas about how available I'd be over the holiday, which she adjusted to a more realistic level (except that even the "I'll at least try to read logs" didn't end up doing much).

ejb plan: week 6 (Jan 27 - Feb 2)

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Mp-wp bot testing and production prep. and delivery. Due asap [Estimated time: ? hrs | Actual time: ]

I have no idea how long this is going to take, tbh. I'm currently way behind and stuck on a rock atm but I need to get this figured out as priority # 1.

Let Dorion know if my Gales install will slide from my Jan 31st deadline. Due Wednesday [Estimated time: ~0 hrs | Actual time:  0 hrs ]

It probably will have to slide tbh, but I'll hopefully know more as the week progresses re: how much.

Auctionbot fix. Due Sunday [Estimated time: 3 hrs | Actual time:  hrs ]

MP has called on me to fix this asap, so I need to dedicate some time this week to do that. It has been a while since I touched that code, but I believe I just need to write a piece that checks the log table to see if the last message in that chan was from the bot before announcing. It should be fairly simple from what I remember.

Spend time researching remote work /abroad work opportunities throughout week: Due Sunday [Estimated time: 1 hr  | Actual time: 1 hr ]


Total estimated time: 21, total actual time:

Timings on tasks per day

Things that I need to think on for future weekly plans:

  • Install Gales
  • Penance article series (Two articles remain)
  • mp-wp bot 'spillover' of code review / testing
  • mp-wp bot install guide once review / testing complete
  • Recode auctionbot's "check if previous line was an announce" check to the auction announcing (I know what this means at least, even if that was not well stated...)
  • Finish auctionbot autobidding
  • How to make the most of my current geographic location
  • Other remedial/learning debts that need paying
  • Somewhere down the line I'd also like to slim down my archive-process and publish it. As of now it relies too much on python where it doesn't need to; lotsa kludge, etc.

Prior week: week 5 (Jan 20 - Jan 26)

WH Plan For Week 16 (Jan 27th - Feb 2nd)

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1. Monday 01/27

   1.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Penance Article) (Prepare Day) (1.5h)
   1.2 Trip to Santa Cruz (4h)
   1.3 Saltmines (6h)
   1.4 Spanish Study (1hr)

2. Tuesday 01/28

   2.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Penance Article) (Publish Day) (1.5h)
   2.2 Saltmines (8h)
   2.3 Allocated reading time (1h)
   2.4 Spanish Study (1hr)

3. Wednesday 01/29

    3.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Prepare Day) (1.5h)
    3.2 Continue setting up my computer (Fix networking issue) (2h)
    3.3 TheFleet (Revise pseudocode article) (8hr)
    3.4 Spanish Study (1hr)

4. Thursday 01/30

    4.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish Day) (1.5h)
    4.2 Continue setting up my computer (Continue fixing network issue or begin installing software) (2h)
    4.3 TheFleet (Fix problems mentioned in pseudocode article + write plan for orchestration of bots) (8hr)
    4.4 Spanish Study (1hr)

5. Friday 01/31

    5.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Prepare Day) (1.5h)
    5.2 Continue setting up my computer (Install eulora + write guide) (2h)
    5.3 TheFleet (Specifics TBD) (8hr)
    5.4 Spanish Study (1h)

6. Saturday 02/01

    6.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish Day) (1.5h)
    6.2 Plan and review for next week (4h)
    6.3 Open Slot (4hr 45min)
    6.4 Spanish Study (1h)

7. Sunday 02/02

    7.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Prepare Day) (1.5h)
    7.2 Open Slot / Makeups (5h)
    7.3 Reading time (?h)

ejb review: week 5 (Jan 20 - Jan 26)

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While I made some progress this week and overcame some (expected) hurdles, I'm currently stuck on a rock with getting the bot set up on the production server. I was not able to get any work complete on the Gales install.

On the waking-up-earlier front I'm still not quite hitting the 5am goal, but I have been getting to bed and rising earlier which has been helping me stay on top of things in general (with more energy and focus to boot). I'll keep ratcheting my sleep schedule away from the late night.

Going into next week I'm certainly feeling the heat. On the one hand I'm way behind with the logger for MP, meanwhile I've left the auctionbot unmaintained to the point MP has noticed. Both of these must be remedied soon or my head will rightfully be on the pike.

WH Review of Week 15 (Jan 20th - Jan 26th)

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This week I focused on planning. I wrote three relevant articles: my computer build plan, a review of the fleetbot the run, and an article on fleetbot's pseudocode.

Putting together the computer while having my written plan at my side was a delight.1 I feel quite silly for only having read 1-2 short guides before first attempting to build the computer. I doubt the men who built the Panama Canal just winged it.

With regards to TheFleet, investigating the problems I ran into and reading through my source (including cl-irc) has given me a much clearer idea of what I need to get done. Certain issues I was going to address by writing more lines of code I discovered can be fixed instantly by removing one line.

Benefiting from scoping out problems before tackling them is not surprising. I will continue to develop my planning/organizational skills in the upcoming weeks. Building anything interesting requires careful planning, so I better get good at it.

On a different topic, I've been more distracted than usual the past few days. There was non-negligible time wasted spinning/derping. On a quantitative level I had decent output,2 but my articles this week had glaring problems. I am due for a penance article that goes over what occupies my headspace and how I am currently wasting time.

  1. BTW, I took photos (with a phone camera :`( ) of the process and logged how long each task took me. I underestimated the time of most steps by a few minutes. The task whose time I grossly underestimated was plugging in all the cables: that took 1.5hours instead of my predicted 20mins. []
  2. My productivity dwarfs the output I used to have when I first joined #o (not that that's a great standard to hold myself to) []

January 25, 2020

RMD plan, Jan 25th-31st, 2020

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1. Things my Master assigned me:

  1. (10h) TMSR OS review since Nov 25th, plan for February (AAC) Deadline: Sunday, Jan 26th.
  2. (5h) Draft of TMSR OS dependencies page. Gales is a primary starting point for this. (AAC) Deadline Wednesday, Jan 29th.
  3. (10h) Work through the fabled outlines article backlog. I'll have 2.1 and 2.2 out by Sat am. I think 2.3 is for sure feasible this week. 2.4 is going to be a big one. (Time Permitting)

2. Things I want feedback on/help with

  1. Help uncovering areas of improvement in TMSR OS and JWRD management.
  2. I asked MP about implementation of his suggested JWRD pivot to making the operation as remote management/delivery as possible.

3. anything else that takes up a significant amount of your time.

  1. (10h) TMSR OS
    1. More comments published upon reading/re-reading archives of The Tar Pit, BVT Trace, Krankendenken and Fixpoint.
  2. Dorion Mode
    1. I've been learning "Ode to Joy" on the harmonica. I'ma publish an article with the notes and a link to a recording by Friday.
    2. An article about the deaths I dealt1 with in December has been in my brain box, time to write and publish it.
  3. (15h) JWRD : 5h of management. 10h of relationship development.
  4. (5h) Conference planning. Two of our clients are hosting a conference in Panama February 13-14th and they've asked Jacob and me to present, which we've agreed to. This week I'm working on sending invites to my network.
  5. (15h) Following the forum and conversing when it's my time. I'm planning to block off 14:00-15:30 and 19:00-20:30 UTC to properly eat and engage the logs and blogs.
  6. (4h) Junto Wednesday evening.
  7. (7h)2 Daily Review/Preview to start up, wind down day.
  8. (2h) Weekly review/preview.
  9. (5h 15m) 45 minutes of exercise each morning.
  10. (5h 50m) 20 min Spanish, 30 min French each morning.


Continuing to stretch/strengthen my ability to balance and integrate TMSR OS, JWRD and giving life to my blog while using the plan as a roadmap rather than straight jacket and being more proactive in speaking up are skills I'm focused on this week. I didn't get the writing as a morning habit established last week, this week I will.

  1. Don't be too startled, these weren't so so traumatic, but I've not dealt with it much in my life and think it's good to write about it since it's such a... serious aspect of life. []
  2. 30 mins in morning, 30 mins before sleep []

RMD review, Jan 20-24th, 2020

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Things I did this week :

  1. On the Dorion Mode front :
    1. I published my Hawaii article by the deadline I set for myself and I enjoyed the process.
    2. As I write this, I'll have a couple hours left on a mega-photo article covering my time in St. Vincent in 2012. I expect to publish prior to going to sleep tonight.
  2. On the JWRD front :
    1. I had a follow up meeting with a contact I made the week prior and learned in 2017 he put a training program together which processed ~2,200 people in Panama on Bitcoin/crypto1 basics. Clients included an asset management firm. After the bubble burst, the demand dropped substantially, but he's expecting it to pick back up this year. His main business is business consulting and precious metals brokerage. His training service was much lower end than ours, but we're setting up a referral agreement for the times he does have higher end clients to refer.
    2. At the networking event Wednesday, I met the owner of a firm with securities license in Panama and Prime Broker in London. They mainly trade fiat settled Bitcoin derivatives, e.g. CFDs and the contracts the CME started Dec 2017, but the seed is planted for the relationship.
    3. Wednesday I also met UBS banker that specializes in on boarding Latam institutions to their Swiss platform.
    4. Checked on previously established prospects and started sending invites to the event our clients are hosting Feb 13-14th, at which Jacob and I are presenting. I'm giving a presentation in two parts covering, "There is nothing novel in the world apart from the history you don't know.".
    5. I asked about the structure of our service, though I've not yet processed his response, the ball is rolling again there.
    6. I shared the approach I'm trying on myself with Jacob in #o as I sense he was feeling a bit down on himself.
  3. On the TMSR OS front:
    1. I commented on trinque's part 3 of the Republican OS series.
    2. I continued the conversation with spyked on his bootloading operating systems article. Will check in with him tomorrow on the status of his plan for the month.
    3. Will read lobbes review hear and clarify if needed if he's still on track to complete the Gales install and report by the 31st.
    4. I got clarity on bvt's status and expectations for the coming weeks.
    5. I didn't hear back from the rEFInd guy, going to ping my Monday if I've not head from him then as his first response was quick, but now it's been a week since I replied to him.
    6. I didn't get the draft of the dependency page published yet, but expect I can over the weekend.
    7. I didn't yet start on the second crack at the "Why Contributing to TMSR OS is +ev" article yet. I think I'll start in #t by asking for help better mapping what the gaps and jumps in the first were.

I didn't break through the resistance and establish the habit of starting each day writing, but I think I can capture the pleasure I had/am having writing both the Hawai'i and SVG articles and bring that to the start of my days this next week.

  1. Crypto as the uninformed use it, in the sense they had modules for the top 10 by marketcap, usage of exchangeswebsites, the mainlamestream stuff. []

January 20, 2020

RMD plan, Jan 20-24th, 2020

Filed under: Robinson Dorion — Robinson Dorion @ 7:39 a.m.

1. Things my Master assigned me:

  1. (4h) Hawaii trip article. (AAC) Deadline: Tuesday, Jan 21st.
  2. (10h) Work through the fabled outlines article backlog. I think I can get 2.1 and 2.2 out by Friday. (Time Permitting)

2. Things I want feedback on/help with1

  1. Help uncovering areas of improvement in TMSR OS and JWRD management.
  2. Ask MP about implementation of his suggested JWRD pivot to making the operation as remote management/delivery as possible.

3. anything else that takes up a significant amount of your time.

  1. (10h) TMSR OS
    1. Continue on the list of dependencies of the implicit clients of TMSR OS, thinking to publish this as a page on my blog to be updated as the list is clarified.
    2. Continue reading/re-reading archives of The Tar Pit, BVT Trace, Krankendenken and Fixpoint, leave comments/questions.
  2. (15h) JWRD : 5h of management. 10h of relationship development.
  3. (5h) Conference planning. Two of our clients are hosting a conference in Panama February 13-14th and they've asked Jacob and me to present, which we've agreed to. This week I'm working on sending invites to my network.
  4. (15h) Following the forum and conversing when it's my time. I'm planning to block off 14:00-15:30 and 19:00-20:30 UTC to properly eat and engage the logs and blogs.
  5. (3h) Networking event Wednesday evening.
  6. (7h)2 Daily Review/Preview to start up, wind down day.
  7. (2h) Weekly review/preview.
  8. (5h 15m) 45 minutes of exercise each morning.
  9. (5h 50m) 20 min Spanish, 30 min French each morning.


Balancing TMSR OS, JWRD and giving life to my blog while using the plan as a roadmap rather than straight jacket and being more proactive in speaking up are skills I'm focused on this week. On the writing front, I'm making it a morning activity I do each day and see where that gets me.

  1. These two have been on the list for some time, but I've yet to actually ask, time to do that. I missed doing so last week, not this week. []
  2. 30 mins in morning, 30 mins before sleep []
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