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January 27, 2020

ejb plan: week 6 (Jan 27 - Feb 2)

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Mp-wp bot testing and production prep. and delivery. Due asap [Estimated time: ? hrs | Actual time: ]

I have no idea how long this is going to take, tbh. I'm currently way behind and stuck on a rock atm but I need to get this figured out as priority # 1.

Let Dorion know if my Gales install will slide from my Jan 31st deadline. Due Wednesday [Estimated time: ~0 hrs | Actual time:  0 hrs ]

It probably will have to slide tbh, but I'll hopefully know more as the week progresses re: how much.

Auctionbot fix. Due Sunday [Estimated time: 3 hrs | Actual time:  hrs ]

MP has called on me to fix this asap, so I need to dedicate some time this week to do that. It has been a while since I touched that code, but I believe I just need to write a piece that checks the log table to see if the last message in that chan was from the bot before announcing. It should be fairly simple from what I remember.

Spend time researching remote work /abroad work opportunities throughout week: Due Sunday [Estimated time: 1 hr  | Actual time: 1 hr ]


Total estimated time: 21, total actual time:

Timings on tasks per day

Things that I need to think on for future weekly plans:

  • Install Gales
  • Penance article series (Two articles remain)
  • mp-wp bot 'spillover' of code review / testing
  • mp-wp bot install guide once review / testing complete
  • Recode auctionbot's "check if previous line was an announce" check to the auction announcing (I know what this means at least, even if that was not well stated...)
  • Finish auctionbot autobidding
  • How to make the most of my current geographic location
  • Other remedial/learning debts that need paying
  • Somewhere down the line I'd also like to slim down my archive-process and publish it. As of now it relies too much on python where it doesn't need to; lotsa kludge, etc.

Prior week: week 5 (Jan 20 - Jan 26)


  1. Do clarify the priorities there and otherwise make *sure* you don't surprise people waiting on various parts.

    That research of remote/abroad work has been going on in principle for quite a few weeks already but there's absolutely 0 review of it - how is this even possible and how can you exactly claim you spent x hours total on this?

    Comment by Diana Coman — January 27, 2020 @ 12:03 p.m.

  2. > Somewhere down the line I'd also like to slim down my archive-process and publish it.

    I'm curious to learn more about this btw, when you get the chance. I've been wanting some sort of personal auto-archiver.

    Comment by Jacob Welsh — January 27, 2020 @ 7:51 p.m.

  3. @Diana Coman

    You are right that I haven't really been reviewing the remote work research effort. I will make a point to review this in my next weekly review.

    @Jacob Welsh

    I'd love to eventually show you what I got, but I warn that it is very ugly atm. I wrote it waay back when I was just starting out here, so it is essentially just a bunch of python scripts stapled together that read through a sqlite db containing loglines, extracts the urls, submits them to and then downloads the .zips from said

    I also have a php catalogue set up where you can see what's been downloaded thus far (though the actual .zips are not hosted anywhere yet).

    Comment by Eric Benevides — January 28, 2020 @ 1:40 a.m.

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