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November 25, 2019

JFW plan, week of Nov 25 2019

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Required tasks

1. Blogging, 0.5h prep + *strictly* 1.5h writing/day = 14h

2. IRC + blogs reading + participation: 2h/day = 14h

3. Wallet development: 5h/day x 5 days for 25h total

4. Training delivery: 3h (the twice-weekly folks are off this week so this will be mostly existing material)

Time permitting

5. Head start on training prep for next week (the last for the year): 2h

Coming to 58 hours.

JFW review, week of Nov 18 2019

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My subjective experience of this week, the first of my third decade and fifth of this new adventure, was of one heavy on the communications, especially in the longer written form, both with Robinson due to needing to move forward on work planning while he traveled, and with my Master through coaching on that process and a number of older topics returning to the foreground. Major threads included:

  • Last week's review;
  • Hiking La India Dormida comments, where I crack one puzzle, fail another (which rather seems like it should have been obvious from the previous day's thread), and provoke a dig in the archives (which unfortunately I've only skimmed so far but looks like it will be instructive);
  • Decision making, roles of tech and management and communication between them;
  • Initial analysis of my analysis, touching on proper handling of niggling thoughts, passivity, limits to considering things, getting out of a snippy phase quickly, and re-committing to reach and maintain a natural sleep schedule;
  • More wallet planning and coaching thereon.

A recurring theme was my aversion to and lack of motivation in writing on the particular subject of myself. I've continued asking myself - "why?" Am I afraid of something? At this point I can't see what that might be. Ashamed of something? Could be; I find some hesitation even in going to re-read things I wrote just a week ago. I remind myself that it's a good thing to see flaws in my past: provided I see them specifically, it suggests I'm improving; but if I just look away, I clearly won't learn much from them.

On communications, a small but important reminder was the basic courtesy of active acknowledgement, and of individual points for that matter. I'm noticing that this not only serves to put the other party at ease but can stimulate deeper consideration of the points yourself and further discussion.

In concrete outcomes, based on my plan I published five blog articles and installments; spent substantial time on discussion, though not as much as I'd have liked on background reading; worked out the pingback rescue ritual (though will need to re-run with sleeps because Trilema initially swatted some of the pingbacks for posting too fast); advanced the wallet discussion; and got in another two training sessions. Besides the plan, I confirmed my hotel booking in Uruguay as I hadn't received the promised email; got my deedbot payments moving after a somewhat frustrating amount of back-and-forth; attended the Junto, made my requests for next year to my landlord and scheduled a visit for some minor work; and got a rather overdue (by my own tastes) haircut.

I noted at one point an interesting sensation of time having slowed down a bit: perhaps I'm managing to fit more in to the days, or the improved structuring and reflection on them is making them more individually noticeable.

As a closing anecdote that may shed light on the recovery from snippy-phase, I've started taking somewhat regular evening walks around the neighborhood, in part as a way to let off some steam when I might otherwise be tempted to lay about the apartment spinning. I'm quite enjoying it and a bit ashamed that I didn't already have this habit, especially as a city dweller with so many potential spots to discover through exploration. On Wednesday or thereabouts, this brought out a particularly heated inner dialog:

"Huh, this is the first time in quite a while someone's been on my case about quite so many things and on quite such a regular basis."
"I don't like it! I KNEW I wouldn't!"
"Yet that's why I needed it, and it's exactly what I signed up for..."

At this point, I happened upon a leaky fire hydrant. Not gushing or anything, but sputtering vigorously. I wondered how long this had been ongoing. Had nobody noticed? Did nobody care? Intricately sourced, treated and delivered, drinkable water,1 disappearing back into the earth without a trace. However small a sign (on a street that had been recently renovated even), the decay thread came instantly into focus.

  1. it occurs to me I'm not certain if hydrant water comes from the same pipes... []

RMD plan, Nov 25th-Dec 1st

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This week will be a bit atypical again with Thanksgiving on Thursday and Thanksgiving weekend being the most effective time of the year to see long-time acquaintances and friends. Nevertheless, Internet and power will be much more stable and I'll keep up much more effectively.

1. Things my Master assigned me:

  1. Reconcile differences between plans and execution. Deadline: Tues Nov 26th 12pm EST.
  2. Work with Jacob to move Gales Bitcoin Wallet process forward.
  3. Write article about what I appreciate about hunting with photos of last weekend. Deadline: Wed Nov 27th 12pm EST.
  4. Chew through articles in the fabled outlines queue.

2. Things I want feedback on/help with.

  1. The analysis of the planned schedule and actual schedule.
  2. I have yet a lot of previous feedback to adapt to and don't want to ask for too much until I've enacted the feedback given.

3. anything else that takes up a significant amount of your time.

  1. (12h) JWRD : 5h of management. 7h of relationship development.
  2. (21h) Following the forum and conversing when it's my time. I'm planning to block off 14:00-15:303 and 19:00-20:30 UTC to properly eat and engage the logs and blogs. Not sure if this is enough time, but think I need to work in blocks to maximize my focus.
  3. (7h)4 Daily Review/Preview to start up, wind down day.
  4. (3h) Weekly review/preview.
  5. (5h 15m) 45 minutes of exercise each morning.
  6. (5h 50m) 20 min Spanish6, 30 min French each morning.
  7. (5h) Tuesday 14:00-19:00 EST I drive to Albany to pick my sister from the airport.
  8. Thursday afternoon into the evening I'll be occupied with Thanksgiving with family.

It's an interesting balancing act between making the most of the progress we've made in the passed couple weeks and also making the most of my time here at my roots1. For sure time feels much more compressed so being present and mindful of priorities is what I need to focus on most this week.

  1. Which I mainly find opportunities to deepen self-knowledge and understand my past through I eyes I see today []

RMD Review, Nov 18th-Nov 24th

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For sure this week was atypical, but I think I managed to roll with the punches reasonably well.

I was reasonably prepared for travel, which went smoothly until the final leg of Wednesday's 3 flights was canceled from fog. The handling of this wrinkle was smooth and despite getting to the end of the road 4 hours later than expected, I had a 3 hr conversation and made a connection with a fellow traveler.

Thursday morning I caught up on sleep, went to the phone carrier for a prepaid SIM and bought a winter coat and packed for the hunting trip. Hunted Thursday afternoon and got connection set up at camp.

Friday I hunted the early morning and got back to camp at 1030 to work. After ~60 minutes, realized laptop wasn't taking a charge from the the system. The electricity in this seasonal camp is solar, it had been a cloudy couple of days, their battery reserve was low and items such as water pump have priority over power outlets. Meanwhile, there was a wounded buck on the property so I went back out to join in the herd management efforts (photo article to come!).

I borrowed a touchscreen device to catch up with articles and make comments Saturday morning, then hunted the afternoon.

I can see my latency this week being a drag on Jacob and others. Perhaps I should've been more skeptical of the connectivity at the camp. Despite having reasonable expectations come up short, I think I managed clear communication about the highest priority of the week in helping Jacob manage the wallet development.

I know I have responses to pay from this past week and prior and pay those I will.

November 24, 2019

WH Plan For Week 7 (Nov 25th - Dec 1st)

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The daily schedule worked for me. I'll continue with the format for this week.

1. Monday 11/25
   1.1 Order computer parts (2h)
   1.2 Saltmines (6h)

2. Tuesday 11/26

   2.1 Order computer parts (2h)
   2.2 Saltmines (6h)

3. Wednesday 11/27

   3.1 Saltmines (8h)

4. Thursday 11/28

   4.1 Review backup strategy / test blog recovery (4h)
   4.2 Complete An Outpost of Progress rough draft (4h)<
   4.3 Revise order list + make bank deposits for orders + try to open a CR bank account. (6h)

5. Friday 11/29

   5.1 Finish An Outpost of Progress post (3h)
   5.2 Follow up with ordering computer parts (2h)
   5.3 Read Trilema rereading article + Trilema article on the Odyssey + First 30 pages of The Odyssey (3h)
   5.4 Finish An Outpost of Progress Rough Draft (3h)

6. Saturday 11/30

   6.1 Review + Plan for next week (4h)
   6.2 Open Slot (4h)
   6.3 Meet Adam in the flesh!

7. Sunday 12/01

   7.1 Open Slot (4h)
   7.2 Review backup strategy / test blog recovery (4h)

November 23, 2019

WH Review of Week 6 (Nov 18th - Nov 24th)

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Since I have been giving EOD reports this review will focus on "how I've changed" rather than "the flow of events."

The week began with two stern conversations. The first conversation addressed my laziness and how I lied to myself and subsequently to diana_coman about the hours spent doing my hobbies. The line from the first conversation that hit me the hardest was the last one in this exchange:

whaack: diana_coman: as to laziness I know i should not be 'that fucking lazy' but I don't see how it will click and my 'real life' of a man of discipline will begin
diana_coman: jfw: do you know by any chance if dorion is out with the fairies or something? he was meant to pong the pings but dunno if too much excitement lately or what.
jfw: Let me check.
diana_coman: whaack: hm, you know it but you don't want it, lol.

I had the urge to respond, "no diana_coman, I do want it!" But I checked the impulse, because clearly if I both knew I had a problem and wanted to fix it, I would just...try to fix it.

The second conversation, ignited by my admission of doing halfhearted manual backups of my blog, discussed how I let ongoing problems continue. For example prior to a few days ago I had done nothing to follow up with my original plan of obtaining backup electricity and internet.

So the question is, why does my conscious understanding of the cost of my laziness not manifest itself into action? It's because it remains just that - a conscious understanding - rather than a visceral disgust of my surroundings. I have it "good enough" to ignore my problems with my coconut water, glassy waves, beautiful sunsets et all.

But from Tuesday onwards I followed item number 4 in the pageboy's pledge by trying to deeply imagine how I would act and feel if I were diana_coman in my situation. And through that exercise I became repulsed my surroundings. I noticed the dead light bulb, the holes left from the dismounted TV, the lack of a drying rack, the lack of coat hangers, the lack of hot water,1 the lack of sufficient hand towels. The list goes on and I will spare all the details.

The disgust I felt moved me to address the issues. Doing this gave me two pleasures, one expected and one surprising. The first expected pleasure was the relief/rewards of fixing ongoing problems. The second unexpected pleasure was the enjoyment of solving the puzzles the issues presented. Some issues are simple and left undone only because I don't give them time. But many of them are complex and require tools as well as a serenity of mind2 to overcome. Coming to a solution via researching the general problem, figuring out the appropriate tools for the task, and using creativity to deal with the difficulties specific to your situation is immensely rewarding.

The disgust I now feel from lingering issues and the satisfaction I get from solving them has taken away my inclination to derp off throughout the week. I hope to god this sticks. As diana_coman said my problem is not that I have "leaks" (in a grand castle) but rather that I live in a mud and stick hut. So once I address all the problems I see around me - the problems specific to a person in a shack - I will have only free'd up time that needs to be used to get myself into a better position. In other words, my fix-it attitude cannot be something that I hold temporarily until my immediate problems are addressed. It needs to stay with me for the rest of my life.

  1. A common lack in CR, but that's not a reason it should continue for me. []

  2. To grapple effectually with even purely material problems requires more serenity of mind and more lofty courage than people generally imagine. No two beings could have been more unfitted for such a struggle. Society, not from any tenderness, but because of its strange needs, had taken care of those two men, forbidding them all independent thought, all initiative, all departure from routine; and forbidding it under pain of death. They could only live on condition of being machines. And now, released from the fostering care of men with pens behind the ears, or of men with gold lace on the sleeves, they were like those lifelong prisoners who, liberated after many years, do not know what use to make of their freedom. They did not know what use to make of their faculties, being both, through want of practice, incapable of independent thought.

    Joseph Conrad, An Outpost of Progress. []

November 18, 2019

JFW plan, week of Nov 18 2019

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Required tasks

1. Blogging, with wallet status/plan/code due Tuesday: 1h/day = 7h

2. #trilema + blogs reading + participation: 2h/day = 14h

3. Investigate undelivered pingbacks (from last week): 1h and no later than Wednesday

4. Wallet development: 15h total, deadlines TBD

5. Training development + delivery: 20h

Making for another packed schedule of 57h; working efficiently will be key.

JFW review, week of Nov 11 2019

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This was a tough week. I think if I look back later I will find that it was positive and productive overall, but at the moment I find my thoughts more focused on the negatives.

Perhaps then I should start with the good parts. From my overloaded plan, I completed: six blog articles, on all the intended topics and then some; won some auctions and made most of the necessary travel arrangements to pick up the goods; worked out photo-blogging with MP-WP; and began explaining and listing the next stages of development on my offline Bitcoin wallet. Besides this was: continued progress on training development and delivery; my first substantial discussion in #trilema, on the nature of my own distribution and plans for a Republican OS; substantial review and feedback for Robinson on his big article on our business plan; getting signed delivery instructions as promised to an eager asciilifeform; and communicating my difficulty in paying an invoice, which to my knowledge remains awaiting update from trinque.

My articles were inconsistent in meeting the length requirement, and at first I was getting to them at the very end of the day or later. As my Master put it, "you clearly push those out of sight and out of mind and you'd push them out of the edge of the world if only it were flat enough to allow such a thing!"

When she asked when I would switch to mornings, an inner negotiation ensued between my avoidant and slavedriving parts (perhaps id and superego if there's utility in the Freudian terms):

"Eh, I'll do it some time soon..."
"But you gotta be specific and have deadlines to hold yourself accountable."
"Okay, next week then :P"
"But why can't it be done now?"
"It could, I just don't wanna."
"Well is that a good reason?"

So indeed I started the next day, and it's mostly been a pleasant change, though of course there's now worrying the evening before. It was good to see confirmation of what I had suspected, that "your writing problem is not with quantity but with topic and on tech you can and do write just fine". Specifically, it's the things that flow from a driving inner necessity to express them that come most readily.

The other failures were researching apartment options (again; at this point I think I'll just go ahead and see what the landlord has to say; I know I've already got a pretty good deal, there's a lot I appreciate about both the place and the management, and there's bigger priorities now), investigating undelivered pingbacks (again), and keeping up with ALL the reading in a timely manner at least at a first pass. Today's would-be blog article is also an embarassment; I said that I would apply the time toward a larger upcoming item on the wallet, but I now must admit that this didn't happen (exactly as my Master perhaps saw coming). And to state the obvious, these reviews are still getting pushed to the last minute.

RMD plan, Nov 18th-Nov 24th

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This week will be a bit atypical, but productive nevertheless.

My main priorities are following up with any loose ends from last week's various conversations to keep that momentum and making sure the launch of my ~6 weeks travel away from Panama are smooth. That'll cover Monday and Tuesday.

I have a red eye departure Wednesday morning and am scheduled to land in my home town by 4pm EST. I plan to check in Wednesday evening to confirm arrival, settle in and recharge the batteries.

Thursday morning I'll continue the settling and will hopefully have an article from the queue to publish, but at this point don't know how productive I'll be in airports and on flights.

Thursday noon EST I plan to make the ~40 minute drive to the farm I learned to kill on, get the afternoon deer hunt in and stay at the camp with my father and friends. I'll hunt Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning1.

Shooting hours end at ~4pm each day and the camp has a modem, so I expect to keep up with the logs and blogs in the evenings in between card hands. When you're in the woods you find yourself with a lot of time to think, so I'll bring a notebook to make sure I capture my thoughts. I'll be bringing my camera and for sure the hunting blog will be published2.

I expect getting back the breathing the cold, sitting and stalking the woods and hearing the silence will be quite the refreshing return to my roots3 and I'm committed to preventing any type of regression and ensuring that any step backward will be a set up for two steps forward the following week.

My review and plan will be published on Sunday and as a sneak peak for two weeks out, Monday the 25th I'll be back to work, including meeting with a local prospect/referral source Monday evening. Tuesday the 26th and Wednesday morning the 27th will continue on the normal work path with Thanksgiving festivities starting Wednesday evening a being a full day affair Thursday. More details to fill out this sketch next week, sharing here to be as proactive as possible with what I know.

  1. Unless a shooting buck crosses my cross hairs and I have one hanging prior. []
  2. Most likely early next week []
  3. Maple Syrup is made in the spring when the sap retreats to the roots during the cold of the night and flows up the trunk when the days are warm enough. []

RMD review, Nov 11th-Nov 17th

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The past week was one of my most eventful to date and likely one I'll be remembering for quite some time. I'm honored to preserve the flow of events and how I changed on these pages, so lettuce recount.

Monday I set up some meetings with local contacts, chipped away at my article reviewing my 7 years living in Panama, supported Jacob in our session with clients in which they V pressed TRB and started their initial sync and supported Jacob in the analysis which resulted in him winning the No Such lAbs auction.

Tuesday I worked the meat-WoT over coffee, sat at the grown up table as Mircea Popescu qualified Gales Linux through conversation with Jacob, which exposed a few short comings both technically and managerially and shed light on a more productive way forward.

Wednesday, I awoke to announce the noon deadline I had set for my Panama article would be missed. This lead to a constructive conversation through which I came to realize that I was misusing the concept of buffer time for completing a task. Given my n00bish planing and writing skills, I'll start doubling my initial estimates and work on erring on delivering well before deadlines rather than being constantly late.

I published Life on the Isthmus, 83 monts in. early Thursday morning1, which felt great to get out.

Thursday morning I woke up to comments to process and constructive feedback. It occurs to me rather than abiding points 1 and 4 of the Pageboy's Pledge, I made a justification of the shortcomings of my writing which were exposed. While I noted them as shortcomings and stated my plan to work on them, I didn't ask for help nor open myself up to the gifts of feedback received. I closed down instead of asking asking my Master and MP directly for advice or if there were other examples of dense points of interest that could use clarification2.

Thursday afternoon I supported Jacob in a session where clients learned about TRB node operation, in the evening I game planned Pizarro auction with Jacob and chipped away at publishing our business plan.

Friday morning, I chatted in Jacob's ear from the outfield as he pitched through a relatively action packed Pizarro auction which resulted in him winning the lot of 18 FUCKGOATS. The afternoon and evening3 consisted of finishing the JWRD Business Plan.

It felt great to get published and the response Saturday morning was even more satisfying. Yeah, parts were torn to shreds, but what'dja expect when you signed up to have your betters help you kill your stupidtitty4 ? I've yet to crack the title puzzle, and I'm still very much at the beginning of walking down this path. With that being said, I reckon I've found my feet and substantial uncertainty previously residing in my dome piece has received its eviction notice and I'm quite excited to clean out that dead weight.

Better planning, better time keeping, better communication are all major ongoing improvement projects, but improved they will be.

  1. Missing the midnight #2 deadline. This time by ~4 hours. []
  2. I'm not beating myself up or dwelling on this because I am committed to both improving my writing and opening myself up to the gift of feedback, but pointing it out to make sure it's pointed out by me. Any beatings deserved I'll welcome and use to improve. []
  3. I didn't publicly acknowledge and readjust the noon Friday deadline, I just continued to grind. That can't happen again, man up and speak boy. []
  4. Sugar & Spice and everything nice ? Hm ? []
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