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July 28, 2019

Week 2 : Progress Summary

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I've attained a better idea about the WoT (pending comments from diana_coman). It was interesting to compare it to the only 'social' network I've been regulary active on : Linked in.

I implemented HTTPS for the website, and enabled pretty links to the posts and pages on the blog. However, I am yet to attain clarity on why HTTPS is needed for my website / blog, and diana_coman's comment that 'HTTPS don't work', has been puzzling me. I'm yet to make time for this, but as a start I've gone through Let's Encrypt's Subscriber agreement and do not feel encouraged. My notes on this are incomplete and thus not posted.

This week, a lot of time was spent in studying the UMAP algorithm. This is basically a dimension reduction algorithmn, and is relatively new. The concepts are very mathematically involved, and there are not many instances of online documentation in using the library. Though I'm not working out the original 51 page technical paper's math by hand, I've made strong strides in gaining an intuition of what the algorithm does. It seems clear that the hyperparameters of the algorithm, (especially the distance metric) have to be tuned for the data, on a case to case basis. It is not yet clear whether it makes a difference to the machine learning model, whichs is the subsequent step. This would be my first major exploration in data science at the algorithm level.

This kind of progress, and gaining such clarity has been rare for me and I crave for it to happen all the time. My notes on UMAP are a work in progress, but I think it will serve as an excellent reference when completed, hopefully in the next few days.

I was also able to contribute usefully to some discussions on the Business Science University forum, and published my note about setting titles, subtitles and captions in a plotly object.

Some time was also thrown at tinkering with the aesthetics of my blog/website and I finally found something satisfactory. For the next week, my plan is to focus on asciilifeforms's, and also get going with running eulora while trying to complete the UMAP project. I know Diana would say that's too many #1 priorities, but it seems like if I ignore the other projects - they will die. As such, I've already made some headway in my reading about V, and the EUcrypt series.

July 25, 2019


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My first week in #ossasepia, has been exciting, for too many reasons that won't fit into a summary. I learned about the importance of identity, security, ownership and how the concept of 'keys' relate to bitcoin. Even more important, I've learned to not be overly cautious regarding expressing myself, and have re-discovered my willingness (and the critical need) to pursue and acquire deeper and less subjective knowledge. I've embraced the fact that I love the process of discovery, and the discussions on #ossasepia (and reading the btcbase logs) helped me reassure myself of the importance of documenting my journey. Going more technical - I got a brief, but functional exposure to the means of establishing my identity: by setting up new GPG keys and registering my nickname with Deedbot, as the first step to enter the Web of Trust (WOT). As a part of owning my identity - I've setup my own website on a self-hosted wordpress deployment on a VPS (only viable option!), and have started posting daily notes on the concepts learned, as well as the areas of improvement.

Links :
Week 1: Notes on PGP, GPG and WOT.

Finally, I've setup my wordpress site

July 20, 2019


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Use this space dilligently for your improvement, not for protecting your bad habits: if some criticism hurts you, it's because it is speaking the truth you don't want to but you still need to hear.

For real-time discussions, head over to irc, in channel #ossasepia on freenode.

The links in blogroll are provided for your reading hours - use them as you'd use a library as that's precisely what they amount to. So whenever you want to take a break from the work at hand, you can do way worse than reading some articles from those links. Even better, try to write a summary of what you read and publish it here.

Time is the only most important resource that you'll never be able to get any more of, so don't waste any time - neither yours nor someone else's.

Welcome and may you grow more than you can yet imagine!

Work on what matters, so you matter too.