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July 20, 2019


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This is a shared learning place, run by Diana Coman. The authors write here to improve themselves and to be able to see their own progress (or lack of it). As such, any topic is welcome because learning is not confined to one topic or one domain.

The focus is on killing stupidity on sight, not on protecting egos, feelings, inner idjits and other unhelpful constructions. Communication is free, uncensored and welcome but stubborn idiocy will cost you. Think more, ask those who know better than you, answer and be helpful with those who know less than you. Do more and talk about what you did not what someone else should do.

Failing to take part is an opportunity missed and as such entirely your choice. On the other hand, not everyone is fit to take part but if you think you have what it takes, head over to irc and talk to diana_coman on #ossasepia (freenode) about it.

UPDATE 29 March 2020: following the closure of TMSR, the Young Hands Club moves forwards and provides easy access to competent and knowledgeable people as well as existing infrastructure.

This isstarted as a tiny part of TMSR - the place where well-thought Bitcoin innovation happens happened steadily, publicly, unfashionably and with inescapable, far-reaching consequences. From a new model of software development to a MMORPG and building up a working market for computer artists plus everything software and hardware in between, the focus is at all points on owning what you do and growing your knowledge and ability at a sustainable pace.

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