Young Hands Club

July 20, 2019


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Use this space dilligently for your improvement, not for protecting your bad habits: if some criticism hurts you, it's because it is speaking the truth you don't want to but you still need to hear.

For real-time discussions, head over to irc, in channel #ossasepia on freenode.

The links in blogroll are provided for your reading hours - use them as you'd use a library as that's precisely what they amount to. So whenever you want to take a break from the work at hand, you can do way worse than reading some articles from those links. Even better, try to write a summary of what you read and publish it here.

Time is the only most important resource that you'll never be able to get any more of, so don't waste any time - neither yours nor someone else's.

Welcome and may you grow more than you can yet imagine!

Work on what matters, so you matter too.