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March 23, 2020

WH Week 23 Review (Mar 16th - Mar 22nd)

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This week has so many compounded failures that there is not much to review. My mind and time was preoccupied with Catalonia.1 It's clear now that I've walked into her web. I will have to regain control of my schedule.

To stay positive I will mention some of the good things that came of this week. First off, Catalonia has been helpful for my Spanish. She speaks English well and that is the primary language we use to communicate. But we often go into bouts of Spanish that last a while, and she is helpful/patient with fixing my pronunciation. She also informed me that learning Spanish in Guanacaste is akin to learning English in Jamaica. I knew that the locals spoke a ghetto Spanish but this put the gravity of how bad the accent/slang is here into perspective.

I prepared for Armageddon by stocking up on non perishables. I could have done better by getting a fishing rod.2

  1. She has returned since her departure. []
  2. Another mistake I made was not buying alcohol; Costa Rica has now mandated that the country is dry - stores are not allow to sell booze. []

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