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March 16, 2020

WH Week 21, 22 Review Mar 2nd - March 15th

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The past two weeks have been quite the trip. I came back from having a wonderful time with my long term friends in beautiful scenic parts of Costa Rica to find MP had decided to shut down tmsr. Truthfully I felt a sensation of relief. But when I try to put away the emotions and think about the situation, I know that a great resource has been lost and my life and others' will probably be worse for it.

Once my friends left I spent the next few days wooing a woman. While this was time consuming and sleep reducing, I could have at least squeezed in a travel article. MP's departure has made my hallucination of freedom stronger. It will take extra will power to get back on track.

Lastly, I fell behind on the logs. I have been skimming the conversations, which is always unacceptable but especially now given the gravity of what is being discussed.

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