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February 10, 2020

JFW review, week of 3 Feb 2020

Filed under: Jacob Welsh — Jacob Welsh @ 6:04 a.m.

A big question in the background this week was my Master's about identifying or choosing my own top priority. I haven't come much closer to an answer.

On the positive side, my #trilema log catchup went fine and finished well under the cautious time estimate. There's still one or two of the threads I identified there to follow up on as time permits. I picked up steam again on wallet development, getting in just over the planned 10 hours. I've completed what's probably the toughest part, the transaction signing mechanism, to my standards of code quality (though it will need a fresh re-read at least, and some surrounding pieces are still needed to able to test it). This took well over the December work plan's two-hour estimate, in part because I'd missed considering some of the necessary parts there (transaction binary encoding). But it's in a good state to pause for now and pick back up after my presentations are squared away, and still on target for my February 21 ETA.

The new plan structure worked out somewhat, for example getting me to allow myself some pleasure reading, which I put toward M. Luby's paper on the theoretical level of his LT code scheme (okay, perhaps I have an odd sense of pleasure). It tended to fall apart towards the end of the day as many things would run over not just their own time but the carefully placed buffers. I'm still seeing substantial unplanned time spent on reading articles or pondering, when I'm supposed to work on projects or writing. Better than doing nothing I suppose but I still need to improve at focusing on the task at hand.

Blogging was a particular pain point; after getting stuck on the last log summary article Monday, I didn't give it the time on Tuesday, then did spend time but to no avail on Wednesday. At that point I switched to the long-planned photo series which got the pen moving again, though at a snail's pace (and not at all this weekend). I also avoided speaking up about this as it transpired.

I also had trouble getting started with the presentations, and at the end of the week appealed to Robinson to help on the idea of the more sales-oriented approach. We worked through that at the high level today which I found quite helpful.


  1. You know, I really think it's leisure reading rather than pleasure reading, lolz. But do let otherwise leisure have some influence on the rest too, it's not like you can't write articles out of... pleasure, right?

    Glad to hear about the progress on the wallet work. And for that matter, you can *also* speak up about/with the good stuff, not only the bad/not working. What are you, the one who spoke no word for 5 years because "everything was fine really so no need to say anything"? Honestly, good things are... good to hear too!

    Overall, appeal earlier, let some pleasure into work too and yeah, do more useful -to yourself!- reviews :P

    Regarding focus, it seems to me you are actually quite focused - if not necessarily on the thing you expect otherwise. Hence that big question to start with really but break it down to something more manageable (because if you take it as identifying your current (future? next decade?) goal in life, you'll get most probably nowhere near answering it, of course) - perhaps instead of going "must do this" (and then predictably thinking of something else/doing something else), look at the full list of tasks and see which one you *want* to do + *why*. If the why is sensible enough to really consider also the context of limited time and deadlines and all that, do it and repeat; if not, update the why until sensible and pick again.

    Comment by Diana Coman — February 10, 2020 @ 8:20 a.m.

  2. Well I didn't make up the phrase "pleasure reading", but I suppose I can call it "leisure" if you prefer.

    Yep, couldn't hurt to crow a bit louder about the good things.

    Thanks for the breakdown, I'll see what I can do with it.

    Comment by Jacob Welsh — February 10, 2020 @ 8:31 p.m.

  3. Ahaha, I don't mind it either way really. But there is *way* more behind that "leisure" (if it makes you think of "otium" as I'd say it would be most appropriate) than behind this pedestrian "pleasure reading" that they came up with when they decided to...hmmm, pleasure children with the reading? Do you see where this goes - naturally let's say, esp with added Luby?

    Comment by Diana Coman — February 10, 2020 @ 9:02 p.m.

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