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February 3, 2020

JFW review, week of Jan 27 2020

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I acted rather impulsively this week, and even saw it happening and felt some guilty pleasure in it. It's not that I did anything outright harmful, but I went far off the plan at the expense of my own priorities. I'm also seeing it as illustrating my Master's point about relativity of dislike for tasks, just not applying it to my own benefit, as well as my old standby the "avoidance by hard work".

The main examples coming to mind are: leaving some lengthy comments; reading quite a few articles; and a big one I found myself reluctant to admit: starting on some coding to scratch an old itch of wanting a more streamlined and automated personal web archiving process. The trigger for this was perhaps having learned that Eric's existing thing wasn't quite what I was after.

Casualties included wallet development, and presentation prep where I only got 3 of the planned 10 hours (not counting the chat).

I'm relieved to have paid down some debts, chiefly my #trilema backlog (or most of it) and wayward weekly reviews, though I missed my Saturday deadline for this one. I published four blog articles, missing three days; at least this maintained the output level of the previous week. My journal suffered though, seeing only two entries at the start of the week.

On Saturday evening Robinson and I joined our friend to resume our Unix and management training exchanges, which was productive and enjoyable.

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  1. Those casualties are going to hurt though and ahem, on wallet development especially I'd kick you in the ribs for this if I were Robinson, because you are already on borrowed time there, remember?

    I went far off the plan at the expense of my own priorities

    The correct way to state that is that you went for your own actual priorities, at the expense of the plan's stated priorities. (And possibly quite enjoyed it sticking it to the plan too!)

    But do think it thoroughly: what IS your very top priority?

    Comment by Diana Coman — February 3, 2020 @ 8:17 a.m.

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