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March 26, 2020

JFW review, March 9 - 22 2020, part 2

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Looking closer at the TMSR situation might be what got me hung up on the review before, and perhaps I'll set it aside again in the interests of keeping the rest moving, though this leaves a debt that will surely come due soon enough.

Another point from the wallet episode was that I could have asked more assertively or widely for help on testing.

In between wallet work days I prepared and delivered my relational databases presentation for the Junto. Having done a lengthy search for introductory texts online and come up short of anything satisfactory, I decided to go to the source with Codd's 1970 "A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks". This certainly deepened my own grasp of the concepts and their historical context. I used selections to guide the lecture, with some questions to maintain engagement, then covered some SQL basics, and finished with a guided exercise in designing a schema with a few relations, inserting rows and running queries from the shell. There isn't a strong programming background in the group and I don't expect anyone went home able to put it all in practice, but I'd say it gave a glimpse of a world beyond the spreadsheet and whet the appetite for more, which is the main idea of these presentations.

Not so great was doing the prep in last-minute emergency mode, not having substantiated prior plans of getting ahead on it.

In day-to-day Bitcoin adventures, the price crashed against fiat, in a time marked both by MP's closure and escalating coronavirus mayhem. I used GBW to recover the last of my wayward coin from PRB change addresses and an ancient phone wallet backup. On Tuesday the 17th I decided to sell a good chunk of what I had left; unfortunate to be doing so under the conditions, but I figured it safer than risking being forced to liquidate even lower. In a first OTC sale attempt, the counterparty "was buying" and "had cash" but turned out to be brokering and didn't. As lockdowns in the city were getting ever more pronounced, I pushed to get it done the next day with a more reliable local broker.

This proved good timing indeed, as Panama's virus response reached a breaking point for Robinson and me with the announcement of upcoming halt of passenger flights. I guess it can't really be called a Berlin Wall since they don't give advance notice when those go up; still, the prospect of being locked into a small and import-dependent country for an indefinite time, having a bunch of contacts but just a handful of friends and no family, did not appeal in the least.

I moved quickly, booking a flight, getting packed, renting a vehicle, and hauling stuff out to assorted storage locations, both for security and the possibility of discontinuing the apartment contract. Local friends proved solid in this process, and we got in a farewell celebration - just marred by a takeout pizza run that barely finished in time to get home by curfew.

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