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March 23, 2020

JFW plan, week of 23 Mar. 2020

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Daily template

Morning (5h):

  • 1h warmup & breakfast
  • 2h write for blog + break
  • 2h recent log + article reading + responses,1 or errands2

Afternoon (6h):

  • 0.5h lunch
  • 1h reading: leisure on Mon/Wed/Fri, work or TMSR related on Tue/Thu/Sat, choice on Sun.
  • 1.5h focused project work time
  • 3pm - 5pm (UTC-4) project work + #o chat window
  • 0.5h walk or exercise
  • 0.5h flex

Evening (5h):

  • 2h dinner
  • 0.5h blog prep
  • 1.5h flex
  • 0.5h journal
  • 0.5h winding down

This indicates 4-5.5 hours for project work on typical days. Subtracting 4 for weekly review and planning and 4-6 for social time gives 18-30 in the week.

Specific tasks

1. Equip a proper workspace at my new location (involves ordering some network gear and peripherals and running a cable): 4h.

2. Complete past 2 weeks' deferred review: 4h, due Monday.

3. Research and apply for temporary local health insurance: 4h.

4. Patch for keksum; test; publish vtree and starter building on Diana Coman's v2 with installation docs: 3h.3

5. Press and test mod6's TRB Keccak tree: 1h.

6. Assist Robinson as necessary with chasing deals or editing sales content.

dorion: cruciform, jfw will get you the outline, I'll get you the per module pricing, and I'll give you an update on the written review after I've spoken with client that completed the lessons.
jfw: cruciform: we're a bit busy with getting settled in at new locations now, but I expect we can have these to you by Sunday and will ping you here if that changes.

7. Next week's review: aim for Friday as advised last week pre-crisis.

Time permitting

8. Continue study.

9. Local networking (meet neighbors, maybe look for local discussion groups online since few will be up for meeting in person).

  1. Though #trilema is closed, I still plan to follow what's left, and I anticipate comment threads staying pretty active. []
  2. In the cooler climate I don't see an advantage in scheduling errands first thing in the morning. []
  3. I'm seeing something like bvt's as the way forward but the tried and mostly-true perl one as a present necessity. []

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  1. I gather this is the settling in week so probably most of it goes on setting up everything but there should be at some point a wider discussion to set out main priorities & focus now.

    On a side note: I doubt that the comments will be terribly active, tbh.

    Comment by Diana Coman — March 23, 2020 @ 7:46 a.m.

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