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March 23, 2020

AR Review March 16th - March 22nd And Plan March 23rd - 29th

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I opened the week with the investigation into whether the seemingly obvious audience that might benefit from a platform to advertise on could be worked with. It turns out that even if the local independent putas/sexworkers would want it, allowing them to advertise as such would deliver a poor experience for punter readers looking to solicit their services. And so the potential pool of advertisers in the local sex industry shrunk from apparently several hundred girls to a much smaller set of brick and mortar establishments.

That left me at Tuesday morning. Every evening this week the government held a press conference announcing the number of confirmed cases of this not-quite common cold circulating and started ad-hoc suggesting things "the people" could do. These things were promptly followed en mass. After the suggestion was made that the "Shoppings"1 should reduce their hours, they did. When they suggested the Shoppings close everything but their pharmacies and grocery stores they did. It turns out they Uruguayos may not often perform when asked to do, but if the performance asked is to not do, they oblige enthusiastically.

In the uncertainty, I decided to start moving forward with the new thing. Doing a lot of networking irl is proving to be something other than easy with the herd locked into panic, but that same panic may be a useful filter for people capable of thinking. And so I registered the .net and .com of the new thing's domain, stood up an mp-wp, and started putting news on it Thursday evening. I've published 10 pieces since then, hammered out a blog post introducing it, and put the Quantcast bug in last night.

Testing the new site's design it has been tweaked a bit, but as of yesterday I'm satisfied it's stable enough to not break on the small vertically oriented screens that seem so popular these days.

Review prep ended by taking off the beard. If the social environment here degrades to the point where putting on ritual PPE is expected in order to do things IRL, I am at least going to wear my FFP2 masks the right way.


This upcoming week, my priority is to try to do as much IRL meeting of people as I can despite the resistance.

Lesser priorities to be pursued:

  • Build the photograph inventory up.
  • Start scaling up the blog commenting campaign, back to the US dissident-dreaming right to start.
  • Target at least three stories a day Monday though Saturday, looking for actual happenings amid the noise, the chance I happen upon fodder for one while building the photo inventory up is substantially greater than zero.
  • Deal with the inevitable design complaints of the "Your site is broken on my weird" as they come in.
  • Keep up with the local insanities. They may be noise as far as the editorial line goes, but I've still got to be prepared for whatever inconveniences they think of next.
  • Fill out footer pages on the new site with contact info, etc
  • See if I can get new business cards printed and get some prices for weather resistant stickers.

While all this is going on, I'll have to keep the notekeeping going with an eye towards moving out of bullet point and back towards attempting to budget time.

  1. It is what they call the malls here. []


  1. Perhaps use the "self-isolation" bug to your advantage and offer irc-based meetings/preps in your chan, what's the problem with that?

    The evaluation of enthusiastically not-doing I suspect is right on target indeed. Most likely not all that specific to Uruguay either.

    Comment by Diana Coman — March 23, 2020 @ 7:50 a.m.

  2. I'm not optimistic about getting folks who didn't yet bite on IRC to try it, but I'll keep trying to push it as the superior alternative to their preferred, derpier channels which I'll keep mucking in.

    One encouraging sign is that construction continues here. Patching roads, knocking up buildings, etc. The pressure on the government to shut it all down may grow, but so far Uruguay isn't as shutdown as I'm hearing everywhere else to be.

    Comment by Aaron Rogier — March 23, 2020 @ 5:19 p.m.

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