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March 22, 2020

DG Week 1 Plan Mar 23-29 2020

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I’d originally planned to get started today, but’ve had a few nights of insomnia, so took the day off to rest. Goals are to get a feel for the Young Hands program; figure out if I’m interested, enquire about JWRD computing, get reading TAOCP and sort out an IRC connection, as well as timestamping daily activities to see what I’m spending time on. No time estimates included for tasks, since I’ve no idea how long any of this’ll take. [edit: time estimates added after each task]

1. Read #o logs for the month of Feb 2020, and write weekly log summaries. This should give an idea of what YH is about. (20)
2. Write an article stating what I think YH is, what I want, and whether the two intersect. (4)
3. Setup a box to be permanently connected to #o (4)
4. Research setting up an IRC bouncer (4)
5. Spend 20 hours studying Knuth’s TAOCP (20)
6. Enquire regarding in #o (3)
7. Publish daily agenda timestamps (7)

Summary: Everything’s tentative, but I’ll soon figure out if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew!

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