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March 13, 2020

RMD week 19 review, Mar 7-13th, 2020

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While there was already a lot on my shoulders to start this week, the burden was substantially increased by the historic events. The closure of TMSR is the toughest situation I've been confronted with. In my 30 years, I've shed a lot of previously held beliefs which ultimately lead me to TMSR. No one can know what could've been if I registered and committed earlier or if I acted with more integrity while engaged with what was TMSR. I'm not going to hold any regrets, but I must learn as fast as possible from both the good and the bad and shed whatever I've let remain that's holding me back.

Can I be honest and present with myself and those I hold dear ? Of course I can, why couldn't I ?

It's going to take time and it's going to be hard, but doing the things that produce success is easier than being unsuccessful.

Growth questions to further reflect on the week :

1. What did I spend my time on?

I spent my time on publishing the draft of the TMSR OS dependency list, JWRD pipeline, engaging the forum, a networking event Tuesday, Junto Wednesday. My plan from last week shows I let myself fail with the daily reviews.

2. Where did I ask smart questions? Where could/should I have asked *more* questions?

I engaged trinque about TMSR OS.
I asked questions in #o about my role in the closure, what makes culture come to be, if will be continuing.

I have questions to follow up with on yesterday's thread.

3. Where did I deliver on my word and where did I fail to deliver? What did I do to mitigate the fail and what do I need to do + who do I need to talk to tomorrow to sort the fail(s) out?

I did publish the TMSR OS dependency list, though 3 days late from the already delayed deadline.
I asked MP about OTC.

I regressed and only had 2 days of review on the week.

The only thing I've done to mitigate the failure is make this review my top priority today so I'm not letting it linger into the evening as has been a bad habit that needs to be replaced.

4. What are the priorities for tomorrow?

My priority for the remainder of the day is to meet with Jacob, talk in #o and sort out my plan for next week and beyond.

5. How can I better use my available resources ?

I can follow through on blocking off my morning to focus on my top priority for the day prior to paying the outside world mind.

6. What should I do *differently* for better results tomorrow ?

Live the Page Boy's Pledge.

Learn to embrace and enjoy the horror because on the horror was put into in my head by those who were afraid of my potential and other side of it is being. To let the horror win is nonexistence. I'm going to die anyways, so why not live ?

A quote from Benjamin Franklin I read today, "Pitch upon that course of life which is most excellent, and custom will make it the most delightful."

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  1. I have questions to follow up with on yesterday's thread.

    Looking forward to hearing those in #o!

    Comment by Diana Coman — March 13, 2020 @ 7:28 p.m.

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