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February 10, 2020

JFW plan, week of 10 Feb 2020

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Daily template

Morning (6h):

  • 0.5h warmup
  • 2h log + blog reading + responses, or errands
  • 0.5h breakfast
  • 1h reading: alternating days of discretionary vs. work and forum-related1
  • 2h write for blog + break
  • 0.5h flex

Afternoon (5h):

  • 0.5h lunch
  • 2pm - 4:30pm project work + #o chat window
  • 1.5h focused project work time
  • .5h walk or exercise (start by 6pm)

Evening (5h):

  • 2h dinner
  • 1.5h flex
  • 0.5h blog prep
  • 0.5h journal
  • 0.5h winding down

This indicates 4-6 hours for project work on typical days. Subtracting 4 for weekly review and planning and 4-6 for social time gives 18-34 in the week.

Project tasks

1. Prepare for presentations: 15h

2. gbw signer development: 5h (time permitting)

3. musl outreach suggested by MP. I haven't committed to anything yet but time is a factor; would need to better figure out what's involved. (time permitting)

4. Ask questions about proposed V and clearsigning changes. I spent some time trying to make sense of that discussion, making some headway but questions remain both philosophical and technical. Thinking to test the waters first in #o. (time permitting)

Other notes

The conference is on Thursday and Friday covering much of the work day. I'm guessing I won't manage any blog writing those days.

My sleep cycle advanced about 1.5h last week; I'll stick to the gradual ratchet.

  1. Half an hour at a time was just a tease and I didn't once manage to stay in the limit. []

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  1. Re musl outreach, it sounds to me like you are overthinking it really: find a place where you can talk to them/leave a comment, write there ~we're using this for a lot of things, not least of which our consultancy business (link), we think unicode is such a thoroughly bad idea as to undo all the good musl is otherwise providing and we will certainly never "upgrade" to a version that brings unicode in; happy to discuss why here or on my blog or on irc (#ossasepia / #trilema) at any time. What else do you expect/think is "involved" or what is it that you don't have clear enough on this? You know, not ~everything requires thorough consideration before the tiniest step, there's quite often time enough *after* that first step that allows also for a much clearer view otherwise of what/whether there even is the need for anything further.

    Project tasks sound fine and priorities right, I don't see any trouble there. And certainly ask questions/test the waters at any time (and on anything really).

    Comment by Diana Coman — February 10, 2020 @ 1:40 p.m.

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