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February 10, 2020

WH Plan For Week 18 (Feb 10th - Feb 16th)

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My previous weeks' plans have not contained concrete items that hold me accountable. I've been allocating huge chunks of time to unspecific items like "TheFleet" and "Computer Installation". This week I made a list of definitive tasks to get done so that I have more direction. I also reduced my time commitment for each day by removing my 1hr Spanish study blocks. I will still aim to make use of all hours in the day, but I can't allocate a task that I failed to complete for over an entire week straight.

I also am prefacing this weeks plan with a personal TODO list of various lingering items, some of which are copied over from my review of the previous week. The list is currently in no particular order.

1. Figure out how to connect my new machine to the backup internet provided by my cellphone.1
2. Call AC technician to get that thing blowing a little harder. In progress.2
3. Change front door lock so it is impossible to be locked inside.3
4. Create a proper food shopping list, with a list of ingredients for different (more complex) dinners.
5. Make a mirror of the republican wot
6. Use search and surfer wot to find people who do btc otc In progress..
7. Get widgets on the side of individual article pages for the kuberick theme.
8. Make a box for storing phone while working / people are over. This box, while practical, will be made for symbolic reasons. It will be near an outlet and contain plugs so myself and guests can charge their phone when they place it in the box. A bonus feature is to make it sound proof so the mic cannot pick up anything while the box is closed.
9. Setup tiling window manager (figure out problems with xmonad or use a different tool.) Deemed unnecessary.
10. Create a script that saves my current file in emacs, and then does a curl request to insert the text as a draft in my blog.
11. Look into getting hot water for my shower.4
12. Create a bank account at another bank, BAC, in Costa Rica.
13. Look into Panama residency.5
14. Look for more saltmines work.6
15. Plan trip to Europe during rainy season.
16. Publish my how/what/why of V article.
17. Write my own V.
18. Remove DNS already.
19. Start syncing a copy of the blockchain on my new comp.

1. Monday 02/10

   1.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish Day) (1.5h)
   1.2 Computer Setup - Create script (possibly in elisp) that inserts current file into mpwp draft and opens up a preview. (2h)
   1.3 Saltmines (8h)

2. Tuesday 02/11

   2.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Prepare Day) (1.5h)
   2.2 Computer Setup - Either connect yrc to a tmux session or connect to znc through yrc7 (2h)
   2.3 Saltmines (8h)

3. Wednesday 02/12

    3.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish Day) (1.5h)
    3.2 Computer Setup - Install a tiling window manager. (2h)
    3.3 TheFleet - Get a bot connected on my new computer (setup postgres etc.) (4h)
    3.4 Saltmines (4h)

4. Thursday 02/13

    4.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Prepare Day) (1.5h)
    4.2 Computer Setup - Begin teaching myself the awk language (2h)
    4.3 TheFleet - Apply fixes detailed in my first TheFleet overview article. (8hr)

5. Friday 02/14

Note: I will likely have to pick up my car today.

    5.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish Day) (1.5h)
    5.2 TheFleet - Design a command that figures out what channels TheFleet is currently connected to. Devise a plan to check channels off a list after they've been logged for N days. (10hr)

6. Saturday 02/15

    6.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Prepare Day) (1.5h)
    6.2 Plan and review for next week (4h)
    6.3 Take care of miscellaneous open tasks (4hr 45min)

7. Sunday 02/16

    7.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish Day) (1.5h)
    7.2 Open Slot / Makeups (5h)
    7.3 Reading time (?h)

  1. I may be able to connect the phone to my computer via a USB and tether that way. []
  2. It is 'working' but it can't keep up with the recent temperature. It's been a hot in here... i'm sitting here at 32 degrees with the AC running and the shades closed etc. []
  3. It is common in LATAM to have doors where you need the key to exit as well as to enter. []
  4. I've gotten accustomed to cold showers and so stopped thinking about this problem. But I don't want to develop the attitude of acceptance to matters such as these. []
  5. dorion informed me that you can get a lifetime visa by starting a company and putting 5k into the bank account. ATM this seems the easiest path to residency outside of the US. []
  6. Email possible leads from Stuyvesant and MIT connections. And look at companies that offer remote jobs. []
  7. ATM I am still connected to irc through the tolietbox []


  1. Do you use/need windows side by side outside of Emacs (iirc it does that quite well) and/or tmux and/or screen?

    Re awk, the idea is nice and fine but what exactly are you trying to do there with it/what's your current need for it? You'll learn it best (and fastest) when/if you actually need it for something concrete, like with everything else.

    Comment by Diana Coman — February 10, 2020 @ 2:28 p.m.

  2. I use emacs window splitting all the time. I need something like tmux to be able to have one half of my screen be an open file in emacs and the other half open to a terminal. (I could run a terminal through emacs but I tried that in the past and found it pretty clunky.)

    Really the only use case I have for the tiling window manager, now that I can run an irc client in a terminal with yrc, is to split my screen between the terminal and firefox. Since my need is so specific, I may want to find a way other than installing an entire tiling window manager program.

    I picked the awk task simply because its importance is talked about so often in the logs. I'll take your advice and wait until I have a specific use case for it.

    Comment by Will Haack — February 10, 2020 @ 7:31 p.m.

  3. That *really* sounds like all you need is to learn to use tmux or screen, no need for anything else at all. So replace the task there as appropriate.

    Re awk - anytime you need to automate something (and do get into the habit of that), think of sh/bash and/or awk. That way you'll get to have some use for it/both quite quickly. The important there talked about in the logs really has two interlocked parts: a. in the habit of making the most of the command line b. knowing at the very least some sh/bash and awk.

    Btw, why is the permalink for this article with the number rather than the name? Did you change it specifically or what/how did it happen?

    Comment by Diana Coman — February 10, 2020 @ 7:43 p.m.

  4. Alright, I will replace the task tiling window manager task.

    Noted re making a concerted effort to thinking of the command line / awk whenever interested in automating a task.

    The permalink weirdness happened because of a larger "derp" than the common category mistake - I hit the publish button without giving the article a title.

    Comment by Will Haack — February 11, 2020 @ 5:06 a.m.

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