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February 3, 2020

WH Plan For Week 17 (Feb 3rd - Feb 9th)

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This week's plan hardly differs from the previous week, except I will be spending 16hr in the saltmines instead of 8. I've been falling short consistently on certain goals - I have not been doing my 1hr of Spanish book study.

1. Monday 02/03

   1.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish Day) (1.5h)
   1.2 Computer Installation (Read networking/routing man pages) (2h)
   1.3 Saltmines (8h)
   1.4 Spanish Study (1hr)

2. Tuesday 02/04

   2.1 Daily Writing Exercise (The Odyssey Review) (Prepare Day) (1.5h)
   2.2 Computer Installation (2h)
   2.3 Saltmines (8h)
   2.4 Spanish Study (1hr)

3. Wednesday 02/05

    3.1 Daily Writing Exercise (The Odyssey Review) (Publish Day) (1.5h)
    3.2 Computer Installation (2h)
    3.3 TheFleet (Rewrite psuedocode article) (8hr)
    3.4 Spanish Study (1hr)

4. Thursday 02/06

    4.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Prepare Day) (1.5h)
    4.2 Computer Installation (2h)
    4.3 TheFleet (8hr)
    4.4 Spanish Study (1hr)

5. Friday 02/07

    5.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish Day) (1.5h)
    5.2 Computer Installation (2h)
    5.3 TheFleet (8hr)
    5.4 Spanish Study (1h)

6. Saturday 02/08

    6.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Prepare Day) (1.5h)
    6.2 Plan and review for next week (4h)
    6.3 Open Slot (4hr 45min)
    6.4 Spanish Study (1h)

7. Sunday 02/09

    7.1 Daily Writing Exercise (Publish Day) (1.5h)
    7.2 Open Slot / Makeups (5h)
    7.3 Reading time (?h)


  1. How long has this computer been taking already anyway?

    Comment by Diana Coman — February 3, 2020 @ 8:21 a.m.

  2. It's been taking a while. Some good has come out of it, having learned a little more about computer architecture and networking. But the recent computer work (for example today's Eulora's installing) has been a form of avoidance behavior.

    Comment by Will Haack — February 4, 2020 @ 11:11 p.m.

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