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February 3, 2020

JFW plan, week of Feb 3 2020

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This week I'm trying a new plan format, in search of improved balance in providing enough guidance to keep me on track and attending to the things I say are important yet enough flexibility to accommodate the surprises of both the outside and inside world.

Daily template

Morning (6h):

  • 0.5h warmup
  • 0.5h pleasure reading
  • 2h log + blog reading + responses, or errands
  • 0.5h breakfast
  • 2h write for blog + break
  • 0.5h flex

Afternoon (5h):

  • 0.5h lunch
  • 1.5h focused project work time
  • Starting 2pm: 2.5h project work + #o chat window
  • 0.5h walk or exercise

Evening (5h):

  • 2h dinner
  • 1.5h flex
  • 0.5h blog prep
  • 0.5h pleasure writing (journal)
  • 0.5h winding down

This indicates 4-6 hours for project work on typical days. Subtracting 4 for weekly review and planning and 4-6 for social time gives 18-34 in the week. (No wonder 40-hour saltmining doesn't leave space for much else, huh.)

Required project tasks

1. #trilema catchup: 8h (not sure how much is left so I'm aiming for a high estimate; I believe there's about a week where I'm filling in gaps from partial reading, after which I followed fully.)

2. Review feedback and prepare for Feb 13 + 14 presentations: 10h (someone else stepped up for Junto the 12th so I'm off that hook for now.)

3. gbw signer development: 10h

Other notes

Same plan as last week for gradual adjustment of sleep cycle, as the late Tuesday night threw off the last try.

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  1. It actually looks more balanced, so here's to it working in practice too!

    Comment by Diana Coman — February 3, 2020 @ 8:20 a.m.

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