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January 20, 2020

RMD review, Jan 11-19th, 2020

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Overall, the week was productive on several fronts :

  1. I got caught up on providing feedback on the various TMSR OS articles that had been published as the calendar turned from 2019 to 2020.
  2. Clarified TMSR OS priorities and deliverables and timelines with spyked, lobbes and trinque. Discussed, with bvt and MP the porting of the former's work on the Linux kernel to the 2.6 line. Need to circle back there to get a clarified timeline. jfw's plate has been full with the wallet work, which at present is expected to be delivered by months end. We've talked about TMSR OS, but I've been waiting for the wallet to be cleared from his queue and seeing if ave1 will resurface before having jfw really consider what he wants to own in TMSR OS.
  3. I said hi via email to Roderick Smith, the maintainer of rEFInd, received a positive response from him and invited him to #trilema, we'll see how the final leg shakes out.
  4. I spent 3 quality evenings with Will Haack : on Monday I met him at his hostel in Casco Viejo for a couple drinks, on Tuesday he joined Jacob, myself and a few friends at a business networking event and the three of us grabbed a bite to eat afterwards, Wednesday he joined the Junto which covered an introduction to music theory by our resident composer in training. Everyone enjoyed and perhaps more than we were expecting to.
  5. I wasn't aware of the business networking event until Monday afternoon and in fact we re-scheduled the Junto from Tuesday to Wednesday to accommodate. Attending caused some timelines to be moved, but I reckon it was worth it. New contacts I met were : an owner of an insurance company, a senior account executive at CenturyLink who I've subsequently introduced to BingoBoingo, and a banker from MMG bank who said they've had clients interested in the BTC, but can't do anything to accommodate. Older contacts I saw again were : an investor who I'm developing a friendship with, the executive president of the Panama China Investment Group, and the owner of a business consultancy that also deals precious metals and Bitcoin.
  6. I spent more time than I'd planned on JWRD sales, but the pipeline has got to be worked. A new prospect with potential that was referred through the Junto is an ex-Goldman quant from Ukraine who is working on implementing a decentralized exchange.
  7. While I didn't get the Hawaii article out, talking about the embarrassment of losing my pictures was cathartic and I worked through the process of photo-articles.
  8. Sunday's conversation about shifting from straight jacket planning to flexible roadmap was helpful and I'm looking forward to trying that mindset on and seeing how I feel and what results I can produce from that frame.
  9. I missed the review/plan on Friday, but expect to get back to that rhythm this week. I went to a meditation around 6pm locally that was calming and refreshing, then slept from about 8pm to midnight, to wake up and get this and my plan out.


  1. The productive parts will always come about from whatever you focused on, sure. And glad to hear of it all really, 1-6 sound quite good. No problem with rescheduling in itself either - the only part where trouble starts is when you keep quiet about it all. Even for 7, talking yes, after I prod and then Jacob points out the prod and next I know I'll have to tell Jacob to prod you directly with a pointy stick or what?

    Good about 8, keep that in mind please.

    For 9, I'll take it therefore that your deadline for review & plan for this week is this Friday. Unless I hear from you otherwise by Thursday, it will be a hard deadline too.

    There's also this plan that got all thrown overboard and then silently excluded from any review too since 2019 has indeed expired and with it everything else in there or something.

    Comment by Diana Coman — January 20, 2020 @ 10:22 a.m.

  2. My plate's somehow stayed full before even getting to the wallet work. It does seem best for me to focus on that for now, though as you've noticed my mind jumps ahead to contemplating OS work whether asked or not.

    As Diana Coman pointed out though we have a discrepancy in wallet expectations: end of January was for if I got 15 hours a week starting last week. Then I'm up for Junto next week, then we'll have the February conference to prepare presentations for. Like you, I'm still learning that ~everything takes longer than I expect. I'd better go with Feb 21 as present ETA for wallet - which is assuming no new clients signing up which of course is not what we'd prefer.

    I will see how efficient I can be on the #t catchup by thinking of it as a first pass.

    Comment by Jacob Welsh — January 21, 2020 @ 1:09 a.m.

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