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January 13, 2020

JFW review, week of Jan 6 2020

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My old enemy the writing block/spinning/phobia/whatever was back in force this week, and I allowed this to mess up my other plans. In this moment I find myself glum about it: "couldn't I have picked a path that didn't need this? How's the brick-laying profession these days?" I take heart by observing my stack of more prose output in the past three months than the previous however-many years; recalling that good things don't tend to come easy; that strong help is here for the asking. I keep my faith that the results will be worth it.

As to the snowballing, or more to the point, believing that what Diana Coman said and I picked up about it is as useful as I say, it looks like I'd even have been better off saying "screw it, I'm not writing today" at least in the cases of Thursday and Friday. A less petulant improvement, then, would be more consciously (and publicly) admitting defeat and re-evaluating when time limits hit. Or better still, seeking help when I first get stuck and rescheduling to do something else if no one's available to talk at the time. Overall, putting pride to the side.

The damage in detail: I got what I think are decent articles out on Tuesday and Saturday, leaving five days high and dry. Today included, yep; after the helpful discussion in channel I managed to soak up some time puttering around avoidantly then oh look, it's the last chance to get to that review that I'd planned to have done already. For Monday there was mayyybe the excuse that I found more research was needed; though my journal for the day still confesses to some distraction and foot-dragging. On reading catchup, I got only 10 of the planned 25 hours. Preparedness for training sessions suffered too in the form of software/hardware difficulties, and while given my knowledge I was able to employ the class time productively, a result is that we've had to extend by one more session to reach the original goal.

I found the journalling helpful and enjoyable, though I didn't keep it up every day.

I had also undertaken to review the partial week before my holiday, but again haven't left myself the time. I'm unsure if I should now re-schedule this or write it off. In brief, I'd say I got the critical things done but did miss some plans.


  1. Ahaha, bricklaying, eh? Wanna come and do my garden all up then? It's quite a miserable weather in store too so plenty of muck to get into and it should do even better than bricklaying that seems to me rather neat by comparison!

    But seriously, look even above that you wrote way more and way more openly than you used to. So yes, do take heart and keep at it, there is already improvement and there will be more but it does come with the usual messy process like every other growth.

    Glad to hear journaling helped.

    Do re-schedule that review of the partial week, don't write it off as there's no gain to it + it's a rather bad habit to encourage even in the slightest (oh, if I leave it long enough, it will get written off!)

    Comment by Diana Coman — January 13, 2020 @ 8:11 a.m.

  2. Thanks. Ack on the wayward review.

    Comment by Jacob Welsh — January 14, 2020 @ 5:19 a.m.

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