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January 6, 2020

ejb review: week 2 (Jan 2 - Jan 5)

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This mini-week went alright as far as coming back from holidays go, and I was able to get my hours in that I set out for myself.

The work on the mp-wp-bot code review and testing continues. I'm glad I started the review now because there is definitely spillover that will need to be dealt with in probably week 4. I ended up spending an hour and a half on wrestling with apache on the 'prod server' which is running Cent OS (an OS which I am quite unfamiliar with). They apparently had a daemon called "firewalld" set up that blocked all incoming tcp traffic from the default port 80, which took me some time to diagnose. I finally got that set up, but I still need to futz with the php modules it looks like, and then finally get the bot running and ready to run through my testing (which I still need to design).

As for the Gales install, I'm excited to dive in starting next week. I'm sure I'll hit some roadblocks so I need to make sure I ask any questions if I do and not toil in silence for too long.

I had a good conversation with my master Diana Coman and I have some takeaways that I want to remember for the future. First, wrt killing procrastination, a practical step I can take is to break larger tasks into smaller chunks. This will be something I'll need to remember for next week. Second, wrt to testing in general, well, there's a lot of takeaways from that one and I fear I'd just end up rehashing the entire convo trying to summarize, so I'll just point my future self back to that portion of the conversation instead.

Finally, looking towards week 4 I will need to get penance article 2 complete, as well as the spillover from the mp-wp-bot review and testing.

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