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October 27, 2019

JFW review, week of Oct. 21 2019

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It's been an eventful week for me. To capture a bit of context from the week before: I had been reading the channel log, contemplating whether I was serious about submitting to the mentoring relationship, and working on communicating more openly; my friend Robinson joined the channel after some prodding (and probably would have just fine on his own, but time was advancing and I was getting worried to say the least); I asked some muddled philosophical questions, which nonetheless turned out informative about Diana Coman's approach; Robinson and I both ended up applying, though him first, with me perhaps looking for a few hundred meters of solid rock under foot.

This past Tuesday I reported for interview, giving a high-level view of my life story, with some back-and-forth, then answering questions for which my reading and mulling had at least somewhat prepared me. After over three hours of conversation, I found myself with a new Master and, not to waste any time, a blogging assignment drawn from my own plans to recount my steps in setting up the blog, a subsequent one to reflect on my month in the channel, and advice on the writing process.

On Wednesday I poked deedbot to verify my new inbound WoT rating, decrypted my Young Hands Club login credentials, verified the login, set a fresh password for the sake of testing and general precaution, got my blog an avatar as requested, (re)read the feedbot manual1 and imported my blog subscriptions, expanding most of them to include the comment feeds.2 I also spent some time contemplating the week's writing task, though I hadn't explicitly planned the time and other thoughts came up instead.

Mondays and Thursdays are presently my most regular "salt mining" days, though Thursday night I got started on outlining, where I recorded what I remembered of my steps. The idea was to supplement this with my notes and chat logs with Robinson to fill the gaps in the narrative.

The initial combing of chat logs I did on Friday, which produced quite a few extracts, but I found I was nowhere near where I'd imagined I'd be in having a draft done, and by Saturday morning I'd realized I had to report for my first thrashing. From this I'm learning that there are a number of habits I need to build or re-build (and I'd have to admit it wasn't the first time I've seen any of the advice; apparently just seeing it given to others didn't make it stick). In particular: (1) explicitly planning time-consuming things, meaning, reserving minimum time blocks for them in a written schedule; (2) paying closer attention to how they're going relative to the allotted time and reporting at the first sign of trouble; (3):

diana_coman: jfw: you know, start valuing your time more, there's not even a single second of it that you'll ever get back

It's not that I wanted to waste my time or anything, but at least I had been avoiding the discipline needed to prevent the waste.

I proceeded to allocate time for the remaining tasks of the weekend, getting the blog post as far as I could on Saturday and proceeding to the review and planning posts, and posting the work-in-progress, on Sunday (which I've now recalled is not advisable in general because it leaves little buffer before the deadline).

  1. Not mentioned there is who is welcome to use the bot: it seems that one is supposed to have some degree of WoT connectivity. []
  2. Some failed with "Please provide a valid feed URL", presumably due to still being down, though loper-os failed with the same message despite being up; my guess is the two leading CRs are rejected by feedbot's XML parsing. []


  1. Welcome! And you can't say it's boring, at least, heh.

    Comment by Diana Coman — October 27, 2019 @ 9:15 p.m.

  2. Thanks, and boredom I certainly wasn't afraid of!

    Comment by jfw — October 27, 2019 @ 10:21 p.m.

  3. To add some 'non-technical' context, our Junto dinner outing Tuesday past was more celebratory than normal. Jacob, for perhaps the first time in decades, tried meat, in the form of salmon, in the spirit of trying new things and ate it with relish!

    Comment by Robinson Dorion — October 29, 2019 @ 5:51 p.m.

  4. Ha, congrats to Jacob then!

    Comment by Diana Coman — October 30, 2019 @ 11:49 a.m.

  5. [...] unknown of who I am. To start to address this she proposed an interview, which was completed; as I wrote afterwards, giving a high-level view of my life story, with some back-and-forth, then answering [...]

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