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September 30, 2019

Week 12 plan Sep 30-Oct 6

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  1. [ ] Review JD Composite.
    1. Though this was done last week - I would like to gather more job descriptions to make sure nothing major is left out in the skill deficit list. It will be reviewed in any case in conjunction with tasks 2 and 3.
  2. [ ] Formulate more lucid plan to cover the skill deficits, with time lines. Discuss the draft in Chan.
  3. [ ] Create Resume V3.
  4. [ ] Re-connect and update an old contact regarding status and for help.
    1. Based on previous conversations ~1 year ago - I was to explore opportunities in Amazon and Zillow, apply and then share the details so the application could be pushed, which was also done at that time. Currently Zillow has already been explored. Once Amazon is done - I will be able to re-connect. The conversation will be a little more focused this time since my interests have crystallized (and general skills) have evolved.
  5. [ ] Continue Iterating on the definition of 'interesting companies' / 'Jobs'.
    1. [ ] Particularly, add smaller companies to this list.
    2. [ ] Add this list and explanation as a part fo the job search document for ready reference.
  6. [ ] Cover recruitment agencies in company profile list.
    1. Follow up regarding pending responses.
  7. [ ] Amplify the number of job applications sent out.
  8. [ ] Add more company profiles and job descriptions focusing on Vancouver
    1. Specifically want to cover smaller companies and see how the JD composite holds up.

1 Time-permitting tasks

  1. [ ] Review github website (
    1. [ ] Re-align to emphasise data + analytics, supported by domain knowledge rather than the other way round as it is currently.
    2. [ ] Polish and add the mini-projects completed in the past.
  2. [ ] Continue exploring alternative approaches.
  3. [ ] Review and complete the draft blog post on happiness.

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