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September 30, 2019

Week 11 review Sep 23-29

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  1. [X] Complete meditation post on stupidity. Analysis 2. See link
  2. [X] Update profile on Indeed.
    1. [X] Including profile summary, skills, simple generic cover letter, resume and skills. This will enable me to quickly apply to suitable vacancies.
    2. [2019-09-25 Wed] Used Resume v2 content to fill in the details and the profile is streamlined
  3. [X] Review JD Composite.
    1. In connection with (4) - JD composite was in fact reviewed. Some new job profiles were gathered, which still seem to match the composite made so far. However, this task will have to repeat along with (4).
  4. [ ] Formulate more lucid plan to cover the skill deficits, with time lines. Discuss the draft in Chan.
    1. Though I did spend time on this and made progress - the status is not sufficiently clear yet to discuss, and requires some more effort. In the process, I am also consolidating the resources (courses, books, past notes on resources) available and was able to revise some of them.
  5. [ ] Create Resume V3.
    1. This wil be in-line with the reviewed JD composite as well.
    2. [ ] Request feedback from chan on this. Perhaps consider sharing this version with Nicoleci, or decide if another iteration is desired.
    3. The only major component that should be included : are projects related to ML. Though a link to projects is provided in the CV - per my understanding, the website will be visited, only if the contents of the CV are interesting.
    4. [2019-09-29 Sun] - I could not work on this. Some minor updates were made to V2 during the course of the week. So far, it still does seem that resume V2 covers all the major points baring some additional refinement. As noted before, the most important pending area are projects related to ML. It is likely V3 will be the best version I can come up with atm, which can be streamlined based on input from chan + feedback gathered in the job search.
  1. [X] Connect with the pending Enbridge contact (due to return from travel on 23rd Sep) to discuss profile and strategy.
    1. This is basically a phone call and should not take long.

    1. The conversation was quite interesting and my CV has been shared. He was able to confirm my impressions of mechanical engineering and that the general engineering scenario in Canada, was quite different from what one would expect, based on feedback of his own friends in the design engineering field. Being in the supply chain management line - he was of the opinion that there was a wave of ERP adoption across North America at the moment and current exposure could actually be of good value.
    2. CV has been shared and he will help keep an eye out for opportunities. fwiw: appears that enbridge is certainly a company of interest - but more down the line than right now, in terms of the current (~1-2 years down the line) focal area of the company.
    3. Notes have been made of the conversation, as well as points on which I could improve.
  2. [X] Send out job applications with Resume V2.
    1. Maintain a record of the applications sent.
    2. Track down contacts for heads-up / follow-up.
    3. [X] Send updated CV to the new contacts made last week.
    4. [2019-09-29 Sun] Several applications have been sent out and this was the primary focus this week.

1 Time-permitting tasks:

  1. [X] Add more company profiles and job descriptions focusing on Vancouver
    1. Some profiles were added, and simultaneously applications were sent out.
  2. Continue Iterating on the definition of 'interesting companies' / 'Jobs'.
    1. Add smaller companies to this list.
    2. Add this list and explanation as a part fo the job search document for ready reference.
  3. [ ] Cover recruitment agencies in company profile list.
    1. Follow up regarding pending responses.
  4. [ ] Review github website (
    1. [ ] Re-align to emphasise data + analytics, supported by domain knowledge rather than the other way round as it is currently.
    2. [ ] Polish and add the mini-projects completed in the past.
  5. [ ] Continue exploring alternative approaches.

2 Other notes

  1. Streamlined Emacs setup for more efficient capture of thoughts and notes, including applied jobs (resume versions), notes/thoughts related to the log, and also removed redundant package dependency based on features identified as already available in scimax.
  2. Citations and bibliography system for reading technical papers has been studied and set up. This will be useful for reading technical papers related to algorithms and libraries down the line. Such papers are more reliable resources to study than blog posts.
  3. Identified some concepts and currently evaluating resources (to translate to study plan) to learn the minimal amount of statistics to make sense of typical data analyses. This is connected to main task (4).
  4. Initiated study of the Daily Coding Problem book (Lawrence Wu). This book was purchased a while ago (and not explored), as it appears to be among the few books based on Python, rather than Java or other languages. Such problems or concepts are commonly asked in data science interviews. In the least, this will also support my revision of Python. This is connected to Main task (4).

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