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September 24, 2019

Updated Week 11 plan : Sep 23-29

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This post supercedes the earlier plan in line with Diana's comment. The tasks are re-arranged into a main list which are must-do tasks, and a separate list of time-permitting tasks.

  1. [ ] Complete meditation post on stupidity. Analysis 2.
  2. [ ] Update profile on Indeed.
    1. Including profile summary, skills, simple generic cover letter, resume and skills. This will enable me to quickly apply to suitable vacancies.
  3. [ ] Review JD Composite.
  4. [ ] Formulate more lucid plan to cover the skill deficits, with time lines. Discuss the draft in Chan.
  5. [ ] Create Resume V3.
    1. This wil be in-line with the reviewed JD composite as well.
    2. [ ] Request feedback from chan on this. Perhaps consider sharing this version with Nicoleci, or decide if another iteration is desired.
    3. The only major component that should be included : are projects related to ML. Though a link to projects is provided in the CV - per my understanding, the website will be visited, only if the contents of the CV are interesting.
  6. [ ] Connect with the pending Enbridge contact (due to return from travel on 23rd Sep) to discuss profile and strategy.
    1. This is basically a phone call and should not take long.
  7. [ ] Send out job applications with Resume V2.
    1. Maintain a record of the applications sent.
    2. Track down contacts for heads-up / follow-up.
    3. [ ] Send updated CV to the new contacts made last week.

1 Time-permitting tasks:

  1. [ ] Add more company profiles and job descriptions focusing on Vancouver
  2. Continue Iterating on the definition of 'interesting companies' / 'Jobs'.
    1. Add smaller companies to this list.
    2. Add this list and explanation as a part fo the job search document for ready reference.
  3. [ ] Cover recruitment agencies in company profile list.
    1. Follow up regarding pending responses.
  4. [ ] Review github website (
    1. [ ] Re-align to emphasise data + analytics, supported by domain knowledge rather than the other way round as it is currently.
    2. [ ] Polish and add the mini-projects completed in the past.
  5. [ ] Continue exploring alternative approaches.
    1. The discussions on CR in chan have been interesting. I took a superficial look at Uruguay's immigration procedure last week. The procedure does not appear prohibitive, and there are somes similarities with Canadian PR. There may be TMSR blog posts that are more instructive in this regard. In any case, far more extensive research is clearly required to even formulate a plan.

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  1. Looks good.

    Comment by Diana Coman — September 24, 2019 @ 5:01 p.m.

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