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March 17, 2020

ejb review of Mar 9-Mar 15 ; plan for Mar 16-Mar 22

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Mp-wp bot delivery

Well, I delivered the log history dump at least, but MP has confirmed that since he has left IRC behind him he has little need for a irc-to-blog interface. I mean, it makes sense.

Still, I put a lot of work into this thing and it does do some cool stuff you know? I'd like it to live. Fortunately, my Master has indeed expressed that she would like it for #ossasepia/Ossa Sepia as long as it is demonstrated to be a reliable process. Time still needs to tell on this, however, but hopefully it can turn into something.


I'm in the 2nd half of the month now so things are a bit quieter, which is good. Still, while I got off to a good start with my daily-sending-of-job-applications I eventually petered off. Need to pick this back up starting tomorrow.

And thanks to this month's hysteria, I may be getting some upcoming reprieve on this front in the form of mandatory work-from-home time for two weeks. I'll see if the hype lasts long enough for this to happen though..

House clean-up

This has been going quite well. The next thing I really need to face now, though, is the mailing of my ex's old stuff. I'm gonna see about actually mailing some shit next week or at least assessing the cost.


I did not get much work done on my penance article last week, which means I'll be tending to my neglected blog as a first priority this week. I also would like to write something touching on the dissolution of the world's only sovereign, but there's a lot of thoughts there obviously. I almost want to try combining the two but I'll see how that works out. There's also the Shinjiru write-up and the HostOne write-up, but those aren't pressing really, so I'll let them slide for now.

March 9, 2020

ejb review of Mar 2-Mar 8 ; plan for Mar 9-Mar 15

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Mp-wp bot delivery

This is priority # 1 until Tuesday. Testing this weekend revealed bugs carrying unicode across boundaries that I thought I had killed already, but after some toiling I was able to get that taken care of. I have a little manual test script now that shoves all kinds of offensive characters (some > 3 bytes) into all kinds of input, and by the end I was unable to break it at least.

Most everything else appears to be functioning: blog selection echoing, log line echoing, log line numbering, etc. The only thing that still is haunting me is trackbacks; sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. However, I think this may just be a general mp-wp issue (with the "xmlrpc.php" file) since I get this intermittent failure sending the trackbacks via 'curl'. In other words, I believe it is outside the scope of my bot atm so I'll just let the trackbacks be for now.

So, I'm almost ready for delivery I think, however I still need to review the sql dump process. The only day I have left to do this is Monday (tomorrow so let's see if I can use what time I have to my advantage for a change. I don't have much choice in any case.


I gave the majority of my time to these guys last week, nor did I send any applications out. I need to keep those things going out; I'm just going to try sending one per day to get into the habit at least.

House clean-up

I did some cleaning before bed a few nights last week at least; just need to keep this up.

General life organization

I need to take more ownership over my time. If I'm spending time working for stupid then that's what I'm doing, and I can't fall into that 'victim' mindset like it was an unavoidable pit I fell into.


My blog queue is still backed up: final penance article, Shinjiru write-up / HostOne write-up complete. Let's see how this bot delivery goes this week. If it goes well then I'll hit my blog hard next week.

March 2, 2020

ejb review of Feb 24-Mar 1 ; plan for Mar 2-Mar 8

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I'm going to try a tweaked format for this week. I partitioned my review/plan by areas I'm currently focusing on in my life, and I'm going to review-by-partition and include plans for improvement in each chunk. Let's see how this goes..

Mp-wp bot delivery

I have the production server set-up and my test plan complete but I still need to... actually test! This weekend was not very productive for me; I slept in way too much both days and just didn't get as much done as I wanted. Still I think I'm fairly close to ready with this bot at least. Definitely will be able to give it a shot next week and it looks like MP is back in CR so it should time out fine.

Still, this is a problem with me. I fought hard to escape what was a nice excuse for not being productive (my ex) but I'm still the main cause. My primary problem I think is I still am not waking up to TMSR work like I keep saying I will each day. It is too easy to get swept away in the 101 other things throughout the day. As for the solution I'm going to touch on that in the "General life organization" section below.


While speaking up did help ease my pain a bit at this mine, I definitely need to keep applying to other places. I hit my 5-applications-sent quota for this week, yet aside from automated responses I've yet to hear back from the others (from my past job hunting experience, this does seem par the course). Other than continuing to churn the sea of want ads I'm not sure what else I can do here for the time-being.

House clean-up

Going smoothly. Next up is the living room which I'm gonna aim to knock out by end of next week. It should only take a couple of hours anyway if the other room was any guide.

Note to self: need to hire a cheap landscaper before mid-March.

General life organization

Here's where I haven't been doing well; namely with waking up on time and sticking to my plans, etc. In terms of waking up / not sleeping in, my problem is going to bed at a decent hour. Now, I really hate going to sleep when I'm not tired / waking up when I am. Ultimately if I had a remote gig than this problem would be less pronounced so this has been good fuel for my new-saltmine search.

Nevertheless, I still have to live in the meanwhile and I haven't been consistent with improving my sleep schedule so I need to make some changes. First off, I drink too much coffee late in the day so that needs to stop. Second, I set up this alarm clock in one of my rooms to go off at 11pm each night. I figure even if I ignore it I'll still get that reminder often enough that maybe it'll sink in. Finally, I need to "dial in" to thinking about my Republican work (aka actual work) before saltmine stuff. The quickest and most rational way I think I can ease myself into this is by doing at least one simple thing every single day: wake up with enough time to eat / have coffee while reading the logs / blogs. I used to do this back in the day but have recently fallen out of this habit.


My blog queue is getting backed up. I need to get my final penance article out, and I'd also like to get a Shinjiru write-up / HostOne write-up complete. I'm going to commit to at least 2 hours writing something for my final penance article next week.

February 24, 2020

ejb review of Feb 17-Feb 23 ; plan for Feb 24-Mar 1

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Today I was able to get everything installed on the test server, save the bot itself. But the LAMP is up and running, mp-wp installed, firewall configured, and I already tested and can confirm that I can connect to from this server via port 6667. I made a point to look at what I could improve to make it faster for next time, and that turned out to be refining my notes to be more of a "manual script" that I can follow.

As for last week in review, with the exception of Friday I hit my goal of daily updates. I got my applications out as well and the server is pretty much ready for testing once I prop the bot up (this bot-propping shouldn't take long; I'm just overdue for bed tonight and had to call it a night).

This new workload at the saltmine has me with new ~weekly deadlines (in addition now to the monthly stuff in the first two weeks of each month), and this week I need to get this certain thing done by Wed. It's the type of thing that I just need to sit down and study for a few hours and I'm way behind, so I want to get that out of the way Monday. Then Tuesday I can get back to bot prep. On that front I need to get the bot up and running and then (finally) I'll be ready for testing. Besides sending out 5 more applications that's all I'm focused on for next week because once March comes I don't want to be scrambling with this thing.

February 17, 2020

ejb review of Feb 10-Feb 16 ; plan for Feb 17-Feb 23

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Last week was to get my garage clean, get the hoster nailed down, and then either start setting up the new server or getting the auctionbot fix complete depending on if the server was provisioned. I was also aiming to get my sleep schedule a bit healthier and to keep up with my daily updates.

I was able to get the garage clean (started on some yard work too) and secured a hoster. I also made the fixes to auctionbot that I needed to make and let MP know. My sleep schedule was a bit better this past week, but still has room for improvement (been going to bed at around midnight, need to pull that back to pre-midnight). Likewise for the daily updates (I was more consistent than last week, but still missed a couple of days).

So, my plan for this upcoming week is to keep at doing those daily updates.. daily, and to start going to bed before midnight. The server should be ready midway through next week, and MP will be available sometime in march so that should give me another window to get the server prepped and ready. Specifically this week I'm going to retrace the steps I took with the Shinjiru server with this new one, leveraging the notes I took previously (I think this new server will be Cent OS 6 vs Cent OS 7, so it will be slightly different than before).

On the house front I'm going to continue cleaning up the yard and then I'll probably turn my attention back inside. The living room will be my next target for de-cluttering.

Finally, I need to start applying for remote gigs now rather than later. I'm going to commit to getting at least 5 applications sent this week.

February 10, 2020

ejb review: week 7 (Feb 3 - Feb 9)

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Last week I decided to pull back a bit and just focus on some necessary things that I needed to get done in my life, such as cleaning and getting rid of my 'house'. In addition I sent out a slew of emails to various hosting providers in asia and latam. Seeing as some of the emails I sent out on Friday haven't been responded to yet, I'm going to give it until Wednesday EOD next week to pull the trigger (I'm gonna send out a few more during this time, as well). In any case, depending on how fast they provision the server I'll be focusing my day-by-day after Wed on either getting the prod server up and running (again) or if they end up taking their time I will try and get my auctionbot fix to the announce function complete.

On the home front: I got one bedroom clean last week, and getting the garage clean is next week's task. I'll follow the process of just doing a little bit after work each day.

I failed last week on waking up on time; sleeping in a few days. Today (Sunday) however I forced myself to wake up at 7am (even though I fell asleep at my usual 3am). As a result I am quite sleepy now (~9:30 pm here at the time of this writing) so hopefully I will be able to fall asleep at a normal hour. Then I just need to keep it up through the week. One pot at a time...

February 3, 2020

ejb review: week 6 (Jan 27 - Feb 2)

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I'll be honest, I'm falling behind my own schedule here. My saltmine work really exploded during the last two weeks and it looks like it will only get more intense during the next few months1. I've been having to take work home with me too, this weekend was spent playing catch-up on saltmine work. I was not able to do anything TMSR related this week save for look into new hosters for MP's commissioned bot.

I need to refocus here and make some adjustments. But specifically how I go about doing that is just as important as knowing what needs to be done, so I will try to plan that out below.

As I see it, there are two main lacks in my life right now: a lack of control over my time, and a lack of control over my financial well-being. Honestly they are both pretty related, and as long as I do not have a handle on any of those things I doubt I will be able to contribute in any meaningful way to things that matter to me.

In terms of remedies to the above, I really need to be focusing more on getting a better saltmine job.2 I've been job searching on the side for the last 8 weeks but have not applied anywhere, and I will admit that I haven't been keeping track of things I find very well.3 I even promised a review of what I had found, but I have nothing organized right now; in other words my Master was right in that I cannot even claim that I put in those hours. So, the specific remedy here is that I will find at least two jobs per week and apply to them; and document who they were and what the jobs was, etc.

Related to my other lack (financial well-being) is the two-story elephant I'm typing this review from inside of; I need to get this goddamn house cleaned out and sell it. After moving my gf out of the house about 6 months ago I still have not touched a single box, cleared a single thing out of the house, cleaned up any bits of the yard etc. Meanwhile I'm still paying that inflated mortgage payment every while this cardboard house continues to age in the moist NC climate. I'm also quite isolated these days; my friends and family are hundreds of miles away and I rarely go out save for groceries or errands. I'm going slightly mad each day in this house. I need to start attacking this thing in pieces, so each week I will commit to something related to freeing myself from this anchor, be it simply "go through X amount of boxes in Y room".

Overall, this strategy where I blindly go full throttle into TMSR work on one leg has not been working out for me. I need to pull back a bit while I dedicate my time to more personal things; basically I'm still a bit of a child and need to grow up a tad before I'm ready to fully contribute.

So, I think I need to pull back a bit while I get my shit together. By "pull back" I mean that I will need to drop some TMSR work to focus on other TMSR work as well as my own shit. Specifically, I think I will not be able to contribute to the OS effort for some time; I simply don't have the time to invest in the remedial learning while maintaining everything else. Definitely not while I still owe Mircea Popescu that logger at least, and probably not when I still have long neglected maintenance on various infrastructure.

In summation, I'd like to drop my TMSR OS work and focus primarily on getting logger done, then other needed maintenance. I also still owe that last Penance article which I'd still like to publish. My remaining hours I would like to put towards getting my long neglected shits together.

(I will hold off on my weekly plan until I hear what Diana Coman says. Plus I am still thinking about it)

  1. They are also cracking down on working-from-home, which I would use in the past to catch-up during the week on TMSR work []
  2. Defined as one that 1) pays ~what I'm getting now and 2) allows me to work where and when I see fit as long as I get shit done []
  3. It hasn't been a very focused search- more like browsing and such while in my cubicle at work. []

January 27, 2020

ejb plan: week 6 (Jan 27 - Feb 2)

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Mp-wp bot testing and production prep. and delivery. Due asap [Estimated time: ? hrs | Actual time: ]

I have no idea how long this is going to take, tbh. I'm currently way behind and stuck on a rock atm but I need to get this figured out as priority # 1.

Let Dorion know if my Gales install will slide from my Jan 31st deadline. Due Wednesday [Estimated time: ~0 hrs | Actual time:  0 hrs ]

It probably will have to slide tbh, but I'll hopefully know more as the week progresses re: how much.

Auctionbot fix. Due Sunday [Estimated time: 3 hrs | Actual time:  hrs ]

MP has called on me to fix this asap, so I need to dedicate some time this week to do that. It has been a while since I touched that code, but I believe I just need to write a piece that checks the log table to see if the last message in that chan was from the bot before announcing. It should be fairly simple from what I remember.

Spend time researching remote work /abroad work opportunities throughout week: Due Sunday [Estimated time: 1 hr  | Actual time: 1 hr ]


Total estimated time: 21, total actual time:

Timings on tasks per day

Things that I need to think on for future weekly plans:

  • Install Gales
  • Penance article series (Two articles remain)
  • mp-wp bot 'spillover' of code review / testing
  • mp-wp bot install guide once review / testing complete
  • Recode auctionbot's "check if previous line was an announce" check to the auction announcing (I know what this means at least, even if that was not well stated...)
  • Finish auctionbot autobidding
  • How to make the most of my current geographic location
  • Other remedial/learning debts that need paying
  • Somewhere down the line I'd also like to slim down my archive-process and publish it. As of now it relies too much on python where it doesn't need to; lotsa kludge, etc.

Prior week: week 5 (Jan 20 - Jan 26)

ejb review: week 5 (Jan 20 - Jan 26)

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While I made some progress this week and overcame some (expected) hurdles, I'm currently stuck on a rock with getting the bot set up on the production server. I was not able to get any work complete on the Gales install.

On the waking-up-earlier front I'm still not quite hitting the 5am goal, but I have been getting to bed and rising earlier which has been helping me stay on top of things in general (with more energy and focus to boot). I'll keep ratcheting my sleep schedule away from the late night.

Going into next week I'm certainly feeling the heat. On the one hand I'm way behind with the logger for MP, meanwhile I've left the auctionbot unmaintained to the point MP has noticed. Both of these must be remedied soon or my head will rightfully be on the pike.

January 20, 2020

ejb plan: week 5 (Jan 20 - Jan 26)

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Mp-wp bot testing and production prep. Due Tuesday [Estimated time: 12 hrs | Actual time: ]

Final prep for mp-wp bot. I have got the LAMP up and running on prod server.1 I still must stand up bot on prod server and test. I also need to make sure that the log archives I give to MP this time around are A) in the format he is expecting and B) all the logs that he is expecting are present.

Mp-wp bot delivery. Due TBD [Estimated time: ? hrs | Actual time: ]

Once the testing is complete I will ping MP in #t to coordinate a time when we can

Gales build, install, and write-up. Due Sunday [Estimated time: 8 hrs | Actual time:  hrs ]

Time permitting I would like to continue the Gales install.

Spend time researching remote work /abroad work opportunities throughout week: Due Sunday [Estimated time: 1 hr  | Actual time: 1 hr ]


Total estimated time: 21, total actual time:

Timings on tasks per day

Things that I need to think on for future weekly plans:

  • Install Gales
  • Penance article series (Two articles remain)
  • mp-wp bot 'spillover' of code review / testing
  • mp-wp bot install guide once review / testing complete
  • Recode auctionbot's "check if previous line was an announce" check to the auction announcing (I know what this means at least, even if that was not well stated...)
  • Finish auctionbot autobidding
  • How to make the most of my current geographic location
  • Other remedial/learning debts that need paying
  • Somewhere down the line I'd also like to slim down my archive-process and publish it. As of now it relies too much on python where it doesn't need to; lotsa kludge, etc.

Prior week: Week 4 [Jan 13 - Jan 19]

  1. I was not used to CentOS so it took some extra wrestling []
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