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October 13, 2019

AT Plan for 10/13 - 10/19

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IRC Takeover

With my blog back up, I will begin finding and talking with IRC Administrators about TMSR and linking a server. MP had mentioned TMSR had resources available for IRC hosting, but I don't know if that is still the case now that Pizarro has sunk, so I need to find out what options are available there. I will start with one network (OFTC, since it is at the top of my list), going in on Monday and report back with a blog post as soon as I have had a conversation. I will decide how to proceed the rest of the week based on what happens Monday.

Remedial Education

I will be postponing work here until more republican blogs are back online.

Growing China Network

This week I intend to work towards getting Mia into TMSR. First I need to familiarize myself with how to get gpg and IRC working on Windows so I can help her get through the key registration process if she is interested. I will have the interesting blog post mentioned in this weeks review translated. I will invite Arina Tang into #ossasepia, since she seems very interested in "crypto." I will attempt to contact the blogger mentioned previously, as well as try to find more interesting bloggers and blog posts with the WeChat blog search feature.


My blog is still not totally working. I intend to try to get permalinks fixed, and to resolve the issue with me being redirected to the "already installed" page when trying to visit / while logged in.


I will be on vacation from Oct. 19th through the 26th in Hawaii. I'm not sure how to handle reviews/plans around this time.

AT Review of Oct 10th - Oct 13th

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Remedial education

I failed to complete my second attempt at a review of my summary. It took me all told roughly 4 hours including the abortive attempt earlier in the week that resulted in a blog post with just questions in it. Most of what I got out of this was not the result, which is just a small number of paragraphs, but the answers to the questions I was forced to ask along the way such as for example how to structure a review. I was able to get more insight into the general structure of a text as well by seeing specifically how in at least one case the paragraphs of my summary were completely disjointed. I also found a list of things I don't know and need to learn, such as how to summarize but not eliminate or change crucial information, namely sentence subjects, how to know when I have enough context to summarize a text.

Going forward, before I attempt another summary, I need to:

  • Read a lot more of hanbot's posts
  • Find out how to deal with sentence subject when condensing a text.
  • Find out how to properly link paragraphs together.

IRC Takeover

This task was on hold this week due to the necessity of getting my blog up and running again and many key republican sites not being available for reference to any even modestly curious IRC Network administrators who might click on a link.

Growing China Contacts

Mia figured out how to get me invited to a couple of WeChat groups. I had asked for Bitcoin focused blogs and chat groups. She couldn't find any blogs, and the chat groups turned out to be "crypto" groups. I even got an invitation to apply for a Blockchain scholarship in Australia! (I'm being sarcastic here). Nevertheless I made some lemonade out of the lemons and got some good information from a girl who run's one of the groups (Aria Tang, Singaporean, based in AU) on how to find Bitcoin related blog posts on WeChat. From what I've found so far independent blogs don't exist in China - everything is on a platform, and mostly WeChat/qq.

I was able to use WeChat's blog search to find this interesting post from 2018, by some guy in Hangzhou. I am awaiting a decent translation from Mia, but my understanding at this point is that in it he recounts his somewhat interesting experiences attempting to sell Bitcoin to randos in some public space. After I get the translation, I intend to contact him and see if he's interested in talking.

October 10, 2019

AT Review of Sept. 29th - Oct. 9th

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IRC Takeover

Last week I made enough progress on researching IRC networks to find an initial 4 networks that seem worth contacting.

I did attempt to contact via IRC the members of the #irchelp channel on IRCnet. (Please note that this was before I was made aware by diana_coman that my conception of my position relative to the network admins was incorrect and needed work).

Does anyone here know if IRCNet is amenable to adding new servers?

[22:12:14] h0nk (h0nk@2001:470:7443:0:0:0:0:5) joined the channel

[00:23:40] probably no

[05:56:33] Duck_ ( left IRC ("(602): I wish they made sweatshirts for legs")

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[07:55:56] @mc thanks. Reading the application (for IRCnet and many others) it looks pretty tough to get in as a server in most places. Is that because there is a long history of flakey servers or is it something else?
[07:56:45] theres an application?

[07:58:41] mh:
[07:59:06] oh

[08:00:10] well, id say if you dont already know someone who could link you, you are likely out of luck unless you got something too-good-to-let-down to offer :)

[08:02:53] from the link:

[08:02:57] Please be aware, that usually administrators never link servers from people, who apply for a link. If there is really need for a server, the administrators of that TLD will look around which organization would be most appropriate, and then ask them, if they would like to support an IRCnet server.

[08:03:07] Feel free to join #eu-opers and ask for more information. See disclaimer for rules.

[08:03:52] ---

[08:13:20] mh: yes I read

[08:15:48] Wouldn't additional servers decrease the network load/cost on other servers? I'm just trying to fathom the reluctance to add new servers given that (from my naive perspective) it would lighten the load on everyone else. And holy cow - what a load!

[08:17:08] The administrative costs of adding a new server must be huge, is all I can imagine.

Work on this has been postponed due to my blog and other important republican infrastructure being offline this week due to Pizarro ISP coming down, and my not having a backup of my latest posts.

Growing China Network

I was able to successfully have one article translated, which I published. The content turned out not to be all that interesting.

I asked Ms. Du (Mia) for information on her background and learned that she:

  • Works for a technology startup
  • Has a masters in marketing from the University of Southampton, UK as of last year
  • Is interested in finance

Additonally I asked her to research Bitcoin blogs and WeChat groups. She came up with no blogs (just some news sites I already found), but is working on inviting me to a couple of Bitcoin focused WeChat groups that she says often post interesting blog links. I don't think she knows what a proper blog is, though, so we'll see. I will be more specific in my specificaiton of her next research task, which is tbd.

She is running into the same problem that I have had, which is being afraid to ask questions. Instead of asking me for help, she asked my local contact, who then ended up asking me. I have encouraged her to ask me about anything, but she hasn't started asking me anything.

In addition to working with Mia, I've been asking about Chinese IRC Networks in China related freenode channels, including #Mandarin and #chinalug, which has a website. I was told that there aren't any IRC Networks in China, though there used to be, and that everyone uses WeChat now. I got a lead on a Chinese BBS from #Mandarin:

07:18:51 lblume thimbronion: and please forward to v4mp when they come back :) I'm told it's a bit less used now for direct communication, replaced by WeChat. Located in France, so GDPR applies, GFW doesn't. You'd be right to bitch at the lack of https, though.

Both sites are based in France, and I'm not really sure what to do with them, seeing as they're a) not IRC networks and b) not very related to Bitcoin c) not clearly useful in growing my network.

Remedial Education

My review of my summary lacked structure. While writing the review I posted drafts of it via a pastebin site and updated them based on feedback. For my next attempt, I will refrain from posting drafts and instead ask specific questions instead of requesting feedback, providing a draft if asked for details.

September 26, 2019

Takeover IRC

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I am currently reviewing this task. Also related.

By Fri. Oct. 4th, I will address the "Pick one" portion of the first step described here. Broken down:

- follow up with spyked on anything he's learned
- follow up here: "but have sent off some people to come back with some answers, maybe that clarifies"
- answer this question
- make contact with one or more IRC network admins and inquire about peering opportunities
- report on my findings at Thimbron

Time permitting I will begin researching IRC network protocols.

September 25, 2019

GPG Overview Writeup Plan - Week 1

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I plan two address item one from #ossasepia over the following week, with the goal of completing it by Tues, Oct. 1st. My report will cover:

- What is the GPG WoT?
- How does it work?
- Why does it work?

For the purposes of this report, I will take "How does it work?" to mean to explain via examples its proper use. I will take "Why does it work" to mean to explain the underlying principles that allow it to function. I will take "What is the GPG WoT" to mean to describe the components of the WoT and how they fit together.

Work on what matters, so you matter too.