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March 23, 2020

AR Review March 16th - March 22nd And Plan March 23rd - 29th

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I opened the week with the investigation into whether the seemingly obvious audience that might benefit from a platform to advertise on could be worked with. It turns out that even if the local independent putas/sexworkers would want it, allowing them to advertise as such would deliver a poor experience for punter readers looking to solicit their services. And so the potential pool of advertisers in the local sex industry shrunk from apparently several hundred girls to a much smaller set of brick and mortar establishments.

That left me at Tuesday morning. Every evening this week the government held a press conference announcing the number of confirmed cases of this not-quite common cold circulating and started ad-hoc suggesting things "the people" could do. These things were promptly followed en mass. After the suggestion was made that the "Shoppings"1 should reduce their hours, they did. When they suggested the Shoppings close everything but their pharmacies and grocery stores they did. It turns out they Uruguayos may not often perform when asked to do, but if the performance asked is to not do, they oblige enthusiastically.

In the uncertainty, I decided to start moving forward with the new thing. Doing a lot of networking irl is proving to be something other than easy with the herd locked into panic, but that same panic may be a useful filter for people capable of thinking. And so I registered the .net and .com of the new thing's domain, stood up an mp-wp, and started putting news on it Thursday evening. I've published 10 pieces since then, hammered out a blog post introducing it, and put the Quantcast bug in last night.

Testing the new site's design it has been tweaked a bit, but as of yesterday I'm satisfied it's stable enough to not break on the small vertically oriented screens that seem so popular these days.

Review prep ended by taking off the beard. If the social environment here degrades to the point where putting on ritual PPE is expected in order to do things IRL, I am at least going to wear my FFP2 masks the right way.


This upcoming week, my priority is to try to do as much IRL meeting of people as I can despite the resistance.

Lesser priorities to be pursued:

  • Build the photograph inventory up.
  • Start scaling up the blog commenting campaign, back to the US dissident-dreaming right to start.
  • Target at least three stories a day Monday though Saturday, looking for actual happenings amid the noise, the chance I happen upon fodder for one while building the photo inventory up is substantially greater than zero.
  • Deal with the inevitable design complaints of the "Your site is broken on my weird" as they come in.
  • Keep up with the local insanities. They may be noise as far as the editorial line goes, but I've still got to be prepared for whatever inconveniences they think of next.
  • Fill out footer pages on the new site with contact info, etc
  • See if I can get new business cards printed and get some prices for weather resistant stickers.

While all this is going on, I'll have to keep the notekeeping going with an eye towards moving out of bullet point and back towards attempting to budget time.

  1. It is what they call the malls here. []

March 16, 2020

AR Review March 9th - March 15th And Plan March 16th - 22nd

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In review I managed to get a very primitive version of the commentable blog discovery crawler working just as the Republic experiment came to an end. For a few days my dumb bullhead wanted to make Qntra work, but the question remains:

diana_coman: BingoBoingo: the more important point to take home re Qntra's current lack of economic activity and market value is that you have to aim specifically and work so that the future qntra DOES have such wonders or you might as well burry it now and save some time; you said you plan to run it as a business - the very meaning of that IS economic activity and market value.

Every idea for bringing Qntra into the economic loop as a business post Republic, seems a more workable fit if I try something smaller than "take over the Bitcoin News space" that's targeted to the world I have better access to. Still bigger is that every case I could make for Qntra smelled too strong of sentimentality. Maybe the thing could be warmed up three years out if the end of the Republic does some sort of ivermectin magic, but... the definition of insanity is...

The idea that's coming together is an English or English/Spanish language online news service for Montevideo/Uruguay in the lean alt-weekly vein, but less retarded. It could grow into a general distributed LATAM expat paper or move hard into Spanish down the line and challenge the incumbents. This is the opportunity to unload all the brainworms that accumulated under the "Most Serene Republic" masthead and work to do it as a business that can stand on its own rather than having a Most Impossible Republic inflating it. The sort of news that ended up appearing on Qntra could still end up in the International, Economy, or Technology sections of the new paper with largely the same editorial tack. I've just now got to grow into becoming an ad sales department.

For potential monetization, I'm initially inclined towards three potential advertising markets:

  • Putas and punters
  • The expat/retiree real estate crowd
  • Hosting some conferences and events that sell tickets

This coming week I'll continue measuring the piers and post holes of the first two lines, but the third's potential is going to be dependent on growing my reputation and name as an authority on Uruguay. This means I can adapt much of the Qntra spreading plan to the more narrowly targeted new publication. With that I'll be refining the plan, getting a seed of a site online to start the filling the future archives, and making sure there's a actually a foundation to grow from as I start building the new thing using the tools that exist. It'll also be mine so I can end it if it ends up not making sense.

I've got a couple market research meetings scheduled for tomorrow, there may or may not be a real estate conference in the neighborhood to check out this weekend. I suspect that's getting canceled over the not quite common cold derp panic.

March 9, 2020

AR Review March 2nd - March 8th 2020

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The draft plan of action for Qntra appears to have stablized. Despite the local civil registery exploding well outside its budgeted time in terms of hours and crossing several days, the pressure that put on the time budget has made me reflect on how much time I sink into undirected reading. Reading to search for things Qntra can scoop is one thing, reading to keep up with what is happening in the Republic is another, but quite a bit of reading time's gone into dead lines of inquiry. I've got to cut those loose early, as tempting as they may be with the fiat system starting to take some serious hits from the world. Looking for things when they aren't yet happening isn't going to make them happen faster.

On the other hand, putting bonus kilometers on the feets' odometer walking the return trip from the other side of the city after banging head against the bureaucratic wall until it yielded seems to have been a net positive. The exhaustion that stuck near the end of last week didn't this week, and getting the blood moving earlier in the day as opposed to later is looking like something to try on the way to getting more and better, productive desk hours.

Some progress has been made on the crawler. Code is in place to get it to cast a wide discovery net. I still did not get AWstats setup and Qntra moved.

More of this week's plan survived to execution. On to the next one.

Qntra Activity

This week

  • Myself (7): Bitstamp Plays With Novelty Segwit Only Bech32 Addresses, Cheap USD: USG "Open Market Committee" Announces Emergency Interest Rate Cut, Largest Since 2008, Intel CFO Concedes Competitors Will Maintain Process Node Lead For At Least Two More Years, Some CIA Passwords Unveiled At Trial: 123ABCdef and mysweetsummer, IRCG's Hossein Salami Publicly States Possibility of Cornonavirus Being US Bioweapon Attack As Much Of Iran's Government Afflicted, Lebanon's Diab Announces Default On Eurobond Debt, Oil Futures Crash As Asian Markets Open For The Week With Russia And OPEC Declining To Agree To Production Cuts
  • thimbronion (2): Control Of "Steem" Altcoin Network Successfully Sold Despite Challenger, University Of Tennessee Knoxville Professor To Prison For Simultaneous Affiliations
  • 1 Comment

Last Week

  • Myself (6): Austria Ends Passenger Rail Service To And From Italy As Novel Coronavirus Panic Continues To Spread, Dow Drops 3.56% S&P 500 Down 3.35% And Nasdaq Down 3.71%, Man Arrested After Failing To Destroy Motor Vehicle In Pentagon Parking Lot, Spike In US Population Of Illegal Indian Migrants, US Stock Indexes Take Worst Weekly Losses Since 2008, Madam Secretary Pompeo Oversees USG Surrender To Taliban, Qntra (S.QNTR) February 2020 Report
  • thimbronion (2): Trace Mayer Pumps DorkCoin At Conference, Cisco Lays Off And Pivots While Huawei Grows

March 2, 2020

AR Plan March 2nd - March 8th 2020

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Qntra Management

  1. Continue the interative plan drafting process to completion and pivot to implementing the plans
  2. Work towards completing implementation of the crawler. Make the shell's builtins work for me to get iterated curls over a list of urls working.
  3. Get AWstats set up so measurements are possible. Feed it Qntra's log from the 'anyserver' liferaft. Target Saturday
  4. Attend to responsibilities in #ossasepia and #trilema

Qntra Editor In Chiefing

  1. Read, edit, and publish Qntra submissions as they come in.
  2. Follow up and publish on intersting leads coming across the desk.
  3. Assign and grade coursework for Qntra short course student
  4. Attend to the budding Workshop

Personal Management

  1. Take notes throughout the day and review them at the end of each day
  2. Tuesday Afternoon errands in Ciudad Vieja and Cordon
  3. Friday Afternoon Spanish Class
  4. Sunday review the week and plan the next

Time Budget

Except as noted these figures as being allocated as minimums. I expect to go over most days, but recognizing that not all waking hours are equal and the editing tasks demand some interruptibility, I have to make sure everything gets attention.

  1. Monday - Qntra Management tasks 3h, Qntra Editor Tasks 2.5h, Personal Management Tasks 1h
  2. Tuesday - Qntra Management tasks 2h, Qntra Editor Tasks 2h, Personal Management Tasks 6h1
  3. Wednesday - Qntra Management tasks 3h, Qntra Editor Tasks 2.5h, Personal Management Tasks 1.5h
  4. Thursday - Qntra Management tasks 3h, Qntra Editor Tasks 2.5h, Personal Management Tasks 1h
  5. Friday - Qntra Management tasks 2h, Qntra Editor Tasks 2h, Personal Management Tasks 3h
  6. Saturday - Qntra Management tasks 4h, Qntra Editor Tasks 2h, Personal Management Tasks 1.5h
  7. Sunday - Qntra Management tasks 1h, Qntra Editor Tasks 2h, Personal Management Tasks 4h

Top Priority - Shift from planning to implementation
Special Attention - Improving the balance of time spent on different areas of responsibility, keeping myself open to improvement anywhere it is needed.

  1. Pessimistic estimate due to visiting a new office. []

AR Review February 24th - March 1st 2020

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This week the examination and reflection were cranked up. Contrary to the plan I had initially drafted for the week, drafting and drafting again a comprehensive plan of action for Qntra came to dominate the week. This makes the week's expenditure of time difficult to project forward from, but the reboot of Qntra operations emerging from the planning process is making it clear that future weeks won't look like they did before this week either.

Of the tasks I had laid out in the plan I managed to complete several drafts without yet producing one ready to label final, I managed to take some notes through the day,1 reviewed and delivered feedback on homework I assigned as part of the Qntra course consuming a bit more than two hours in doing so, handled Qntra submissions as they came in though I have one lead that's drawn me into extended reading to address in my role as writer of last resort, attended Spanish Class, and begun reviewing this week and preparing plans for the next.

The growth of the scope of the planning displaced completing the portion I wanted to though I have a better handle on the shell's builtin flow control tools to bring to the task, the errands I had scheduled for Thursday afternoon, and the Saturday block of time I had anticipated using to get AWstats to eat Qntra's access.log. As disappointing as these misses could be, they highlight for me the necessity of opening absolutely everything I had been doing up to re-examination. The planning process for Qntra going forward has made clear that the project isn't just some tweaks or a small shift in direction, it is a reboot of everything operations side while preserving the high quality of reporting. More importantly, I can see the necessity and that the only space for upside is in this structured, practical approach to reorganizing myself.

Reviewing this past week I found myself recieving more questions than I asked myself, and I'm grateful for it. What motivates me to do Qntra and attracts me to the Republic is a hatred towards the Pantsuitist system I grew up in. The US "higher ed" chumpatron chewed me up and I'm still very sore about that. However uncomfortable and unfamiliar these practical, structured methods I'm being shown may strike me on the first impression, I am grateful for Diana Coman's attention in offering her time and attention to expose me to them. I am grateful for getting called out when I fall into the monkey habit of throwing shit to see what might stick to the problem in front of me.

For this coming week I've got to take this clarity, and actually budget my time like the scarce thing it is. I need to keep myself open to learning, remember the hate that motivates me, and ready myself to just fetch the damned arms when called to do so.

  1. The big observation is that without having started the week with a concrete time budget, I let the drafting of plans displace many other things. A smaller observation is that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I had been finding myself getting exhausted disappointingly early suggesting that in budgeting time I can't weigh all potentially productive hours equally. []

February 23, 2020

AR Plan February 24th - March 1st 2020

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Concrete Tasks To Do:

  1. Work towards completing implementation of the crawler. Complete, at a minimum, repeated calls to curl for text file full of urls such that I understand what exactly the computer is doing when executing my instructions. If stumped, isolate what's stumping me to the point I can ask intelligent questions about it.
  2. Complete a draft of short, medium, and long term plans for Qntra. Submit it for review, and work the iterative learning process towards learning how to plan.
  3. Take notes as the day does on, review them before ending the day.
  4. Review thimbronion's homework assignment when he submits it. See what gems he may have found on the Chinese California beat that is swiftly becoming his.
  5. Read, edit, and publish Qntra submissions as they come in.
  6. Run some local errands in Ciudad Vieja and Cordon Thursday afternoon.
  7. Attend Friday afternoon Spanish Class.
  8. Saturday work on getting Qntra's access.log processed through an AWstats. If this goes smoothly, move Qntra off the lifeboat server and on to its own box with AWstats.
  9. Sunday, review the week and publish new plans for the week to come informed by the review.
  10. Get back in the writing for Qntra saddle without letting writing for Qntra distract from the other attention Qntra needs from me.

Work on what matters, so you matter too.