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September 2, 2019

Week 7 Review

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Priority 1 : Tasks 1, 2
Priority 2 : Tasks 3, 4, 5
Priority 3 : Tasks 6

  1. [ ] : 10 lines, minimum.
    1. Though I did not have the energy to go further into the code itself - I believe indirect progress has been made via (2) as well the reading in (3.3).
  2. [ ] Continue reading the book Serious Cryptography Switched to the Handbook of Applied Cryptography by Menezes, van Oorschot and Vanstone, CRC Press.
    1. The primary goal is to cover the necessary portions to move forward with, and atleast an overview of encryption as a concept, and the process of hashing, which will help me understand signatures.
    2. Though quite interesting and reasonably comprehensible - I am still yet to fully understand signatures and the hashing process. Progress in this has been slow this week - with a sudden salt-mine load induced wariness, but I did persevere: am mapping out concepts and am taking an effort to revise this frequently. See Current Map. Beyond the slow trickling of illumination and the sense that actual comprehension is just around the corner - it has also been a relief to stop searching each and every little thing on the internet and rely on a bible. While studying the patch in (3.3) - some additional light was shed on the vdiff. It has been exciting - I have had to stay in strict control in terms of short bursts and staying 'cognizant + focused' versus 'diffused and frantic', but I can see a growing impact of exerting balanced control - i.e not beating myself black and blue by over-reaching or expecting immediate results.
    3. I realise that this task can 'never' be marked 'complete'. I will consult with Diana on how to proceed.
  3. [-] Learning about software and the software industry (Spillover from week 6)
    1. [X] Summarise / Discuss:
    2. [X] Summarise / Discuss
    3. [X] Read:
      1. Referring earlier comment: I was happy to be able to spot the error in MPN_COPY_INCR. Extending on 3.1 discussions - I am now able to comprehend the danger presented by lowered (incorrect) barriers, and the importance of adhering to quality over quantity. I am able to link this back to the concept of WoT - and that 'open sore' is a clear example telling me that I should not mistakenly assume that code by virtue of being open source can be 'easily' fixed / modified as desired. It may well be a gargantuan / miserable task to do so, depending on the quality of the preceding history of development, and the currently desired modification. Hacks are exactly what they are - hacks - not necessarily quality pieces of code fixing root causes. Such hacks, like a virus can even mutate into multi-headed hydra-spittoons over time (and also fed by ineptitude and laziness?).
      2. However, I could not wrap my head around the entire article w.r.t EuCrupt and what was happening and why, in terms of MPI and shifting bits. This was expected to some extent - I will mark the article read for now, having achieved he - and will obviously need to revisit and re-digest as I make progress.
    4. [ ] Summarise / Discuss:
      1. This will be completed tomorrow.
  4. [ ] Complete partially finished pending Python basics revision.
  5. [ ] Open Data : Wages dataset
  6. [ ] Learn + Summarise :- systemd | init ( Refer log)

1 Other things

  1. Disabled HTTPS for my website and took a brief foray into heartbleed. See post.
  2. Posted earlier notes on research-compendium. This was done during my foray into docker and i forgot to post it. Though not complete - it will serve as a good summary and jump-start when I look into R packages.
  3. Took a long look at my baseline evaluation and shared this with Diana. Once clarity is achieved - I think it would be a good idea to publish the relevant portions. Further to the suggestion - I have been a little obsessed that this is a fundamental aspect that has to be rectified if I am to have any chance in streamlining my efforts and eventually achieve meaningful results through consistent effort.
  4. FWIW: the effect of focused attention and short bursts and increased discipline has percolated into other general aspects of my lifestyle, and the impact has been obviously positive. I have also become more consistent in reading the logs, and I have improved in 'asking' before getting lost. My observation is also that I am less agitated, and more cognizant of 'straw men' in my thought pattern. All this being said - these are early days and I would consider it a major step forward if I can stop myself from reaching a 'burn out' stage, and consistently pursue targets.
  5. FWIW: I made significant progress in my salt-mine tasks and also learnt much in the process. It may be presumptuous to think that I can 'finish a baseline release' in the next few days, but I can say that I do see a clear path ahead.
  6. I actually did some more reading than the articles mentioned above, particularly some articles on loper-os, some which were directed by Stan in the ossasepia channel. In particular, I found the quote from Orlov regarding trust to be quite intriguing and it is germinating deeper thoughts about trust and the WoT. However, I was not disciplined enough to note down all my thoughts, or perhaps I do not have a note or opinion worth talking about. This may be counter productive as a thought process - I have barely started my journey. I've taken steps, but I am not yet out of the dungeon. Another intriguing article and comment thread is Thumbs Down for Clojure. I will admit that there was a short phase wherein I tried to learn clojure, and actually started with scheme and was as usual abandoned it to 'refocus' on data science. I have recently been wondering if the choice of data science was ill founded, though I still think Machine learning is certainly very interesting. As I 'flipped' through Stan's articles trying to formulate a reading list for next week - the more my fascination grew with Lisp. There is something deeply satisfying about the very notion of coding, and I think I am yet afraid that it could be too late for me to be any good at it… even so there is something strangely akin to hope and understandably inspiration as I read Stan's articles.

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  1. For next week, you have ONE and only one task: review in writing 30 lines of
    Just do it with what you have and write what you think it does, what questions you have /can't answer, that's all.

    For all that you say otherwise, you've been by now avoiding this enough and there will always be plenty of "motives" to "read more" and so on. So just do it now.

    Comment by Diana Coman — September 2, 2019 @ 12:55 p.m.

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